Anybody need a carb?

Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:00 am

Looks like a few NOS might still be around. Ain't cheap though.

Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:10 am

WOw, I wouldn't mind one of those, but holy cow what a price. I'll stick with my Zenith!

Lets add it all up $$$

Wed Aug 04, 2004 9:39 am

How to fix a Farmall Cub carb problem with money.........

I paid $50 for the IH kit and then paid $14 for a new main jet, plus throw in a $5 bucks for carb cleaner and cotter pins and my carb still would not work with out the choke on all of the time.

I discovered the bowl of my carb was cracked in mutilple places, including through the threads where the main jet screws in (all of this was hidden with a bad JB Weld job) and that pretty much sealed my fate.

I ordered a refurb carb from JP Tractor Salvage at $200 (the carbs are $175 plus your core, but I had a $50 kit in my core, so I really saved $25 by keeping it..........sounds logical)

Add it all up and what do you get .......$269.00 and a couple of new nuts and washers later and the Cub is running like a champ.

Bobby W
Shreveport La