Free shifter for repair and governor repair help needed

Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:01 am

hi, My shifter broke off a few months back and I bought a replacement from JP. I have the old one and will give it to whoever is willing to repair it and pass it along to the next person in need at cost. The inner "dome" sheared off the shaft - i think a typical problem. Is complete otherwise. Dummy me in a hurry put the new one on without a gasket - boy those gears really sling oil! Anyhow - anyone who can repair it, drop me an email and I'll send it along.

Second item. I think my governor is not working well and would like to know where on the web I can find instructions. I looked through Rudi's site and could not find it. Can someone direct me? My governor works a little and will make the engine snort when a big obstacle is encountered, but overall it does not work smoothly.

Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:18 am

A couple easy things to check on your governor.

First make sure the rod from the cross shaft to the carberator is not dragging on the block.

Second, move the hand throttle a few notches forward and see if the cross shaft (goes across the front of the engien to the governor) moves easily by hand. You should have to push against the spring to move it. If it is easy to move the joint where the rod goes into the governor is probably worn (common problem). To fix this problem remove the 2 bolts holding the cross shaft bracket at the left side of the engine, then the shaft will slip out of the bracket by pulling it to the left. The play can be repaired by either making a shim to go around the shaft (soda can works good). If the wear is severe, or by cleaning the rod and socket good and putting Loctite on it then allowing it to cure overnight before using. My 48 has both repairs on it.

Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:21 am


I've repaired a few, but when I made some pictures for an article on Rudi's site the only one I had to repair had been brazed at that point. If you send it, I'll try to do a better article.