Painting screw up ????

Tue Aug 10, 2004 4:17 pm

I have our 49 Cub completely disassembled and going over it. Each part is sandblasted and primed. That is my question.

A while back someone on here stated that they were doing the same thing and was using "rusty metal primer" in a rattle can (Rustoleum) because it would have a "good bite". That is what I have been doing also. I know that epoxy primer is suppose to be the way to go, but doing parts in small quantities would be hard having to mix the primer all the time.

I found out on the other discussion board Sunday, That you are not suppose to use "rusty metal" primer on clean metal. Only "clean metal" primer. I checked the can but could not find anything to that statement. I checked Rustoleums' web sight and it does state it their. I emailed them and they responded that they recommend "2 coats of clean metal primer". They would not say if my paint topcoat would fall off or not if I left it on like I asked.

The question I have is, has anybody used it this way and did you incur any problems with the paint staying on?

Sorry for the long post. If their is a problem, I would have to use stripper in place of blasting as many of the parts have rust pitting filled in. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tue Aug 10, 2004 4:30 pm

I really doubt that your top-coat of paint will fall off with any primer. I am using cheap Wal-Mart buck-a-can red oxide primer on my Cub with a top coat of (X-O Rust) paint and what I did before last winter is clinging & looking good. BTW, My whole Cub is getting the rattle-can wardrobe.

Tue Aug 10, 2004 8:38 pm

If you want to get technical......You should use a metal etching primer on sandblasted metal and then go over that with another primer. High build etc.... Only use primers and paints meant to be used together. Do Not mix brands and different types.
One of the best systems for the regular guy is IH primer and paint.
You can always add some hardner to the paint.
I am not a paint professional but I have painted alot of stuff. My 1958 IH A-120 4x4 won the stock truck class 2 weeks ago at a big show.

Most truck and car guys do not use epoxy primer. It is good stuff but very toxic. Most 2 part paint systems are toxic and should only be sprayed with a good resperator, ventelation and preferably a paint booth.

Still to this day the nicest paint paint jobs I have ever seen are done by Geoff Gauger with Case-IH paint.