fast hitch plow info

Sun Aug 15, 2004 11:01 am

I finally got a plow for my cub yesterday, My dad always did the plowing with the Allis B and my uncle did the discing with the Cub, and this was always a good deal for both of them, but I started putting in gardens for the yuppies around here, and it would sure be easier to do with the cub than the Bolens garden tractor that I have been using. My question is once I put the plow on the tractor the hitch only lifts it about 3 inches off of the ground is this normal or is something set wrong on my hitch, it is using the full stroke on the piston on the touch control assy. It picks my disc up quite a bit higher. I was just wondering if this is normal or if it is just an adjustment, Thanks T.J.

Sun Aug 15, 2004 11:09 am

As I recall from those who have fast hitch plows, that is about as high as it will go.

Sun Aug 15, 2004 1:52 pm

I don't have a fast hitch myself, but everyone I've talked to reports the same. The plow has to be able to go 6 to 8 inches below ground level, so considering the lift only has so much travel, the 3 inch clearance is all that's left.

Sun Aug 15, 2004 1:55 pm


Welcome to CUB Plowing. If you are talking about the moldboard or
turning plow mine only lifts about 4 inches. If you are taling about
the cultivator it should with adjustment(s) lift a little higher. You
can use the "angle of attack" adjustment and get a little higher picj
up while traveling. This is done by using the vertical adjusting screw/
handle beside your right knee and tilt the point up.

However, unless you are going over really rought ground I have found
that it is high enough for me.

Happy cultivating. :lol: :lol:

Sun Aug 15, 2004 2:52 pm

Welder, another method I use ...along with the afore mentioned... At the rear of the tractor where the lifting rod attaches to the fast hitch you should see a nut and spacer, then the fasthitch ,then the stop. If you loosen the bolt in the stop and lower the plows on a block of wood or any else handy, you should be able to thread the nut & spacer up on the lifting rod and it will give you some more heighth clearance for traveling and such.

Mon Aug 16, 2004 9:02 am

Same here with my Loboy. Fasthitch plow has little ground clearance at full lift. Have to watch moving the lifting bar nut that you don't bump the seat. Mine has the square 'sissy' seat with backrest.

Mon Aug 16, 2004 12:54 pm

I have the the 2-way rollover fast hitch plow and have about 1-1/2 feet of clearance with the lever in the center. You should be able to to get more clearance on the one way plow withe the depth adjustment (screw or lever type) all the way down. This will angle the plow up more. Once I got the rollover plow I wondered how I servived with-out it. There is no more finish the furrow, lift, and drive all the way back around to start again. Now, I just rollover the plow and go back in the same furrow.

Tue Aug 17, 2004 10:51 pm

The way I solved this problem was to make T handle to which I attached a short piece of pipe altered so it would fit over the lift rod. To use, just drop implement on high ground and insert pipe between adjustment nut and lift arm. Will put the F/H drawbar in your back pocket. Wish I could post a picture but I'm not there yet.