Cub hitch bar ??? Image hosting ??? HELP !!!! Got it!??

Wed Aug 18, 2004 12:30 am

Hey I know this don't go here (maybe it can be placed were it's suppose to be place) Where can I find free host site to post my pictures?? I have a couple of small problems with or how my Cub hitch bar mounts on how they should mount and I wanted to link them here so you all could give me some more of that excellent advice. I have a weird looking backet that mounts to each of the axel housing, to be completly honest......I have no clue on how they came off and it they go back on, how on earth do they not come back off? Someone else must have thought the same thing, because they had washers welded on top of the bolt hole slots.

My ISP SBC/Yahoo DSL must not offer any picture hosting, I am guessing and I have tried a couple others so called "FREE" sites but with very little luck.........I use to link them to my web page, but they wanted me to buy more bandwidth, Not me, I'm a tight wad, ok just poor!

Thanks in advance,

John Niekamp

I am playing with picture size, trying to figure out the best size for posting.

OK, new image host and a picture of the hitch bracket. I "think" the washer that has been welded on on both side, should not be there. from what I remember when I took everything off a few months ago the bracket shown was mounted to the housing first, then the mower lift arm brackets were on top of these. THEN AGAIN, I can't remember, can any of you guys help me out. REMEMBER when I first brought this tractor home the rear of the angle iron shown in the second picture was supported by chains up to the fender, because the axel housing bolts were stripped out. One hell of a way to make things work.......Now with the bolts holes repaired I am ready to bring this project to an end!!!! FINIALLY

Have only been up and down the driveway and already had my first flat on brand new tires, at least it was only one of the fronts. :(

PS: Pay no attention to the imposter in the background in the first picture OR the little slight trace of green and yellow in the second picture.
NOTICE: that I have placed decals on the hood of a 55 Cub, but I have not been able to locate the original emblems, at a reasonable price, SO until then these will have to make due.
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Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:47 am

I use

Wed Aug 18, 2004 9:44 pm

Also forgot to say, please let me know on what I can can do to post better pictures, (smaller, less megapixel) so on so forth.

This is a whole lot easier than what I was using, just hope that it is working as good for you all's in as it is on my end.

John Niekamp

Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:32 pm


Don't worry about the imposter in the background. One just like it will accompany me to the big show next week. Ford is the feature tractor at Portland, IN

I recognize the weird bracket... I have one like it laid out ready to cut out. It's for a lo-boy. I know you have a standard Cub. Do you also have a lo-boy?

Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:37 pm

John take a look at this link:

Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:44 pm

John , your recollections on the drawbar are correct. You are right about the welded washers too.

George, looks to me like a Lo-Boy in the picture.

Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:54 pm

Jim Becker wrote:
George, looks to me like a Lo-Boy in the picture.

When I went back and looked, I have to agree. The finals are turned to the side and so on.

Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:54 pm

George, Actually mine is a Lo-Boy, it's hard to see with all the other junk and the way I had to take the pictures, makes it look taller than what it is. You really can't see the logos on the dog legs very well.

Donnie, That link you listed looks just like my brackets, NOW how on the earth do these things work? I guess my assumption was correct that the washers was another one of those quick fixes. They way I take it you loosen the bolts up and slighly lift up on the drawbar and then it come on down. MAYBE? The drawbar below the backet looks just like mine.

I am correct that the mower deck brackets go on top of the draw bar brackets?????? After looking at my picture, Maybe I have the mower deck brackets on the WRONG housing. I wish I took pictures now.........Then again it was attached so screwy.