Solenoid Mystery

Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:17 am

Its a mystery to me cause I can't find any wiring schematics or parts lists etc. for a 1948 Cub with a solenoid mounted ontop of starter.
Solenoid defined as what you'd find on older model autos/tractors?
This is not original, I don't have the rod you push/pull etc. to kick the starter on.
I've a push to start button mounted in the dash and a kill/run switch for the coil.
Solenoid has 3 terminals, 1 small terminal at center and from that terminal 1 wire going to start switch, 1 larger terminal for the battery cable with a wire piggy backed on it going to the ammeter and a 3rd large terminal direct to starter....Sorry no pics.
No I.D. tag, just the rivets!
I may have the switch wired incorrectly? Starter may have come from another model Farmall?
I'm having trouble with restart after running for awhile....starter has no weak to kick engine over and I'm thinkin' that this may be part of my problem.
Initial test tell me that I'm getting charge to battery, I've more tests to do.

Wed Aug 25, 2004 3:06 pm

a picture would help, if you can post one. i suspect you have a standard ford type starter selenoid. definately not original. the small center post only gets power when the pushbutton is depressed and grounds throug hthe case. when depressed, the contacts inside close and connect the two large terminals, thereby sending battery power to the starter.

try this test when you have trouble starting hot. simply connect the two large terminals momentarily with one side of a jumper cable. that eliminates the pushbutton and the selenoid.

if there is still a problem, make sure you have a good ground on the starter, the hot terminal is clean, and the battery is good.

still a problem, starter needs attention

Wed Aug 25, 2004 3:19 pm

I have a similar solenoid arrangement on my '52 Cub and it works great. The wiring hookup you described is exactly the same. The only difference is my solenoid is attached independently of the starter.

You may want to check the starter bushings for wear. If worn and when the starter gets hot after running, the armature may be dragging as a result of the wear causing your slow turn-over when trying to re-start.

Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:08 pm

Thanks for the pointers. Bobo are you saying that the heat from the engine is being absorbed by the starter? That would explain alot, I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks again.