Still stuck on steering reassembly

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Still stuck on steering reassembly

Postby Paul_NJ » Sun Aug 29, 2004 7:26 pm

Sorry, I'm just not explaining myself well enough. I'm trying to put the same two thrust washers back in that were originally there when I took apart the steering. . These are the two thrust washers on either side of the steering shaft (#5 on 3-12 of the manual). And they don't fit in anymore - I can't bolt down the steering shaft bearing (#9 on 3-12).

The thrust washer I did replace was the single one on the steering worm wheel shaft (#15 on 3-12). And it looked identical with the original.

Can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong, or what to look for? Is it possible to have the worm wheel (#17 on 3-12) upside down and have the steering still fine, but yet create a different tolerance between the worm wheel and worm gears and therefore not fit with the original two thrust washers?? That's the only thing I can think is different, but it didn't look like I could get the splines of the worm wheel shaft into the worm wheel gear the opposite way so I didn't think I could have reversed it.

Hasn't anyone who has replaced the two oil seals in the steering experienced this or do I hold the prize for most mistakes on a Cub rehab??
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Postby EZ » Sun Aug 29, 2004 8:09 pm

Sorry I can't help right now. My steering is all apart as well, I have the 2 seals as well as the big gasket but don't see it going back together for quite awhile. I sure hope I don't have the problems you are having. I do know that is was a real trick to get things apart.
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Postby allenlook » Mon Aug 30, 2004 7:55 am

I'm looking nervously at mine as well, as it sits on the floor in parts awaiting the front bolster! I'm hoping I don't have the same issues, but I'll pay particular attention to it when I put it back together, hopefully in the next few days, and report back whatever I find out.
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Bill V in Md
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Steering Mechanism

Postby Bill V in Md » Tue Aug 31, 2004 7:53 am


I replaced the seals on my cub steering housing a couple of years back. I do not remember having a problem similar to the one you are currently experiencing, and cannot offer a solution. But if you go to the link below, you can see some photos I took during the process. Maybe there is something there that will help you with the proper orientation. Let me know if you have any questions, after looking at the pics...........Bill V.
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Postby Bigdog » Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:08 am

Paul, I'm not 100% positive, but, I believe you can install the worm wheel upside down and this may prevent the steering shaft from seating completely.
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Postby Paul_NJ » Tue Aug 31, 2004 7:24 pm

Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys

Sounds like I've got to take the housing bottom off and take another look if I can flip over that worm gear. Hate to do it, new gasket/new paint and all . &^ &*$#! Not to mention getting that Woodruff key out a second time.

Oh well
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Postby ScottyG » Wed Sep 01, 2004 6:51 pm

Morristown? Ha. I grew up in Oak Ridge and later Sussex, NJ. Small world I guess. Anyway I had a similar steering reassembly problem which basically involved the way I was re-installing the worm into the housing onto the worm wheel. If you don't quite catch the beginning of the shaft worm when you're "threading" it through, it can skip a few teeth and begin to worm in the middle causing the bushing to hang up. When this happens, the bushing will sit up about 1/2" too high. I was banging my head trying to figure out what went wrong, especially when I didn't replace anything that would cause a problem. An obvious solution maybe but one that worked for me...

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