Well, I did it this time

Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:03 pm

Last night I was mowing away from home (something always happens). It was getting late so I decided to step up from first to second. I mustn't have had the clutch all the way in :oops: :oops: :oops: when I shifted because there was no grinding just a sudden stop. The engine never killed, all forward movement stopped. I let out the clutch and nothing. I tried to shift and she was froze in second. I sat there and thought for a while. I pulled my head out of my rear and thought a lot more clearly. I pulled the shifter cover off. The right hand fork (R and 1 I think) wouldn't move. My FIL came by and I rocked the tractor while he lightly pounded on the fork. All at once it loosened up. I started it up and away I went mowing in first. There was no unusual noises, but I no longer can get into second. Any Ideas on where to start? I am guessing the 2 and 3 shifter fork is bent? Do I need to splitt the tractor to fix this? I will appreciate any suggestions or tips. I have been to Rudi's sight and printed the tear down manual. I also looked at TM sight for visual aids. Thanks

Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:07 pm

If it's just the fork bent or broken, I think that can be replaced through the cover. Also check for the bolt that holds the fork being loose or missing (in bottom of transmission).

Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:31 pm


It's fairly easy to replace the fork from the top. You will have to remove the bolt that holds the fork in place (if it's still there). Once you remove the bolt you can slide the rod to the rear of the tractor. Be careful here, as the popet ball will fly out. ( :lol: :lol: Once you have found the ball and retrieved it from the floor :lol: :lol: ). Seriously just hold your hand over the hole when you're sliding the rod back to save yourself the grief. Don't ask ya'll know :oops: If you loose the ball not to worry it's 3/8" dia.
Slide the rod back as far as it will go and remove the fork. 8)

Thu Sep 09, 2004 9:19 am

I fixed a cub with the same problem - it was a bent fork; however, I didn't have much luck with sliding the shaft out the rear differential case.

The fork was bent too much to "let go" of the shaft when I took out the clamping bolt. It's fairly difficult to try to get down between the gears and the fork to try to pry it loose.

First try to get it out the back; but, if it won't shift into second, you may get ready to pull it apart. Also, if you have to pull the shaft tube off to drive out the fork shaft, there are small round metal disc pressed into the trans case shaft openings. You'll need a small screw driver to pry them out before you are able to drive out the fork shaft.

Donny's right - watch them balls - they fly higher than you might guess.

Good luck,


Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:41 pm

Finally had time to work on my cub today. I have been to busy Touring with our Model T club! I pulled open the top and loosened up the shifter fork I figured was bent. Well it seperated into two pieces immediately. When I do something, I always make sure it is done right! I was able to slide the shifting rail back into the differential case. I held my hand over the poppet ball opening. It didn't fly around my garage; it went right into the tranny case?!!! :cry: :lol: Well I hope I can fish the parts out with a magnet? As for the broken fork, I'll hang it on the shop wall to remind myself to think clearly when operating a tractor, but when something goes wrong don't get mad, because most stupid mistakes can be fixed!