No spark at the plugs.

Wed Sep 15, 2004 2:54 pm

I am trying to put the mag back on my tractor. I have lots of fire from the coil, but I have nothing at the plug wires. What am I doing wrong??

Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:00 pm

It is out of time.

Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:04 pm

Bigdog wrote:It is out of time.
how do I time it back??

Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:09 pm

Go to this link and read "Won't Start - Electrical - read Phases I, II & III

Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:12 pm


As I just repalced a mag for the first time myself just about a week ago, I went thru the same ordeal. That is, no fire at the plugs. I had a heck of a time getting the timing right :? UNTIL several of our great cubbers on the forum saved me.

Once I did the proceedure correctly, 'ol Ray fired right up.

Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:42 pm

Thanks Bigdog. You saved the day. I am running again. :lol: :lol: :lol: