Snowblower for a cub?

Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:12 pm

Hi all. Been a long time since I posted a question but here it is. Has anyone ever come up with a good way to put a snowblower on a cub? Just got to thinking about it cause we just got dumped on with 16" of snow on Friday/Saturday. I have a 72 cub with a snow blade, chains but I never put any wheel weights on it. Never needed them. Well the 16 inches was just too much to push on my steep grade driveway. I spent more time digging the tractor out than pushing. So I had to cave in and dig out my old gravely with a snowblower to do the job.

So I was sitting here drinking my coffee and got to thinking, wonder if you used the pulley system and drive shaft for a sickle bar cutter to run a belt driven snowblower on the front of the cub. You could even maybe use the lifting system for a front snow blade to lift it.

The other option I was pondering is driving a hydraulic pump with the pto from a cub and powering a snow blower with a hydraulic motor. Hmm.

So if anyone has a nifty pictures of projects they have tried I would love to see them.

I did onetime see a picture of a cub 154 with snow blower mounted on the front. Wonder if they are backwards compatible.

Be safe everyone.


Re: Snowblower for a cub?

Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:25 pm


Yup, Rick Prentice has already built one.. I think his neighbour George has it. There are a number of projects that have been done for the Cub involving snowblowers. Eddie H is/has built one, I am in the process of doing so. Granny is getting set up to wear the blower.

There are differents models to proceed from. The one I like is pretty basic and is probably the easiest to build.

This is Rejean\s Blower setup and it is similar to what I am building now.

Re: Snowblower for a cub?

Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:41 pm

Here is a factory Cub blower that would fit right on your '62 lo boy and maybe on the regular Cub too. As you can see there's something orange behind it that happens to be an Allis Chalmers B. I adapted the cub blower to it and learned the hard way that Cub PTO's run backward of everything else. Best little snow sucker you've ever seen!! I did happen to pick up a lo boy with a 5 ft mower this year and might put it on that when I overhaul and sell it.

_Allis_blower snow sucker.jpg
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Re: Snowblower for a cub?

Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:06 pm

That is an IH50 Snow Thrower for a Cub-154 Lo-Boy. The 154 has enough ooomph to run that Snow Thrower from the pto. However culti-vision Lo-Boy's and Cubs do not have the power to run both the Snow Thrower and operate at slow enough ground speeds without a creeper gear. To mount that particular Snow Thrower to a culti-vision Cub one would have to have an independent power source such as a B&S snow blower engine to power the Snow Thrower. I just acquired one of these at a really good price...

Re: Snowblower for a cub?

Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:20 pm

Thanks for the info Rudi. I never thought about powering it with a separate motor on the Allis. I was going to reverse it with a reversible angle drive that I have, but bought a big 399 Massey 4WD that I'm going to front mount an 8 ft blower this summer. As I said, I may put it on the 154 I bought or just sell it come fall.