farmall cub

Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:11 pm

I own a 1952 Cub and the steering was very stiff, with a lot of play. Last winter I dismanteled the steering and replaced all worn parts. I could hardly wait to try it out! After all of that time, work and expense, the play is gone, but the steering is still :cry: very hard to turn! Any suggestions?



Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:24 pm

Ray, there are a few places where your steering problem may be located You can disconnect the tie rods to see if the binding is in the gearbox. Or, jack the front of the tractor up so that the weight is off the front wheels and see if it is still still. One likely source is that the bushings for the steering knuckles may be worn allowing the axle tube to push against the knuckle shafts causing them to bind. If it's in the gearbox you may find that someone has replaced the 90 wt. lube with grease because of leaky seals. Isolate the components and find the source.

Cub steering

Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:12 am

Thanks! I had not thought about going about isolating where the problem is. I did replace the seals when I had the box apart and add 90 weight oil to it.
I really appreciate your help!


Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:45 am

Ray, - I completely missed that you had re-built the gear. (old age I guess) so I would think that your problem has to be in the knuckles / tubes or in the linkage. You might also check the toe-in and also look at the axle housing and the drop tube to assure that the holes in the axle extensions are not wallowed out allowing them to rotate backwards causing the drops to point rearward as that will definitely make it hard to steer.