Low Boy or Not

Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:52 pm

What's a "Low Boy"? I was under the impression that at least two differences between a Low Boy and a regular Cub was the height of the tractor and an undermount exhaust on the Low Boy.

I have a 58 model Farmall Cub with SN (+or-) 200870J that appears to be the right height for a Cub but has an undermount exhaust. Was the undermount exhaust standard on both in the later models?

I hope this post goes through. Thanks to those who offered assistance before. The only thing I changed was to check the automatic log in.

Fri Oct 01, 2004 7:05 pm

The underslung exhaust was available on standard cubs as an option on the earlier models. It sounds like you have a standard cub with the underslung exhaust rather than a lo-boy.

Glad to see your post finally went through and welcome to the board.

Fri Oct 01, 2004 7:24 pm

I have a '55 regular cub with the exhaust under. Sure helps out mowing under trees!!! The "J" indicates you have a Rockford clutch, not an Auburn clutch. Hope this helps..........

Fri Oct 01, 2004 9:03 pm

Check out the pics on my web page and you will see the diffreance on the Lo-boy and the reg cub with the under slung exhaust.

the link is below

Sat Oct 02, 2004 9:02 am

You just need to add the 90 degree elbow to your existing manifold. Take a look at this page in the parts catalog: