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Negative Ground

Postby bhelton » Sun Oct 03, 2004 8:53 pm

Being new to owning a Cub '48 model I was told that they are all positive ground systems. Mine however has a negative ground. Not being ran for 3 years the battery was bad so while replacing it I noticed the negative terminal was grounded. Should I hook it back up this way?


Donny M
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Postby Donny M » Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:03 pm


Some PO may have put a 12 volt battery in your tractor. You should check it out first then worry about putting the tractor back to positive ground. Negitive or positive shouldn't make a difference unles you have a distributor ignition.

Welcome to the board :!: :!: :!: 8)

Donny M
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Postby Donny M » Sun Oct 03, 2004 9:11 pm

I wrote:
Negitive or positive shouldn't make a difference unles you have a distributor ignition.

Except the way the ammeter is connected. 8)

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Postby Rudi » Mon Oct 04, 2004 11:24 am


Let me be one of the first to say welcome to the Greatest Forum on the Net and to our wonderful Cub Family :!: :D

Originally, the 48's were all positive ground. When I got Ellie-Mae, my BIL who was the PO had hooked it up as a negative ground probably because he thought that was correct. The Generator did not charge properly as it and the ammeter were still wired for positive ground. Took a little learnin and stuff, but with the help of the guys here on the board, this newbie got her setup properly, polarized the genny, got her charging then running like a champ. If I can do it, anyone can, just takes a little time. If it were my Cub, I would definitely hook it up as a positive ground, providing of course that there is no distributor.

Many of the questions you might have could probably be answered in some of the knowledge sections/links available at this site. Might I suggest that you read New Members and Visitors, Please READ. The Cub FAQ's are filled with a lot of really good general knowledge and the Cub Info has some good trouble shooting tips. The Best of H.L. Chauvin puts a humourous yet very helpful tone to fixing your Cub. Also, the Cub Manual Server has lots of info to assist you as well.

Might I also suggest that you visit Binder Books and order the Owner's Manual, the TC-37F Parts Manual and the GSS-1411 Service Manual. These would be the best investment you could make as you start learning about your Cub and they are essential for regular maintenance, upkeep, repair and replacement parts. They are all available on the Manual Server in the interim whilst you await your own copies.

Visit often, ask all the questions you need to, and the guys here will be more than willing and able to help you through it all.

Again, Welcome to the Cub Family :D
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