Timeline question Farmall

Sun Oct 10, 2004 11:45 am

I have a question here.

What is the timeline of the International tractor?

I saw many years ago the words "McCormick-Deering" Then just "McCormick" or "Farmall" and "International" and International Harvester"

Now Is it just "Case" ? What happen did all of these manufactures just merge over the years into just basically one company?

In what years did this all take place? I know that Case has been in the tractor-ing business way back in the steam engine era. I am sure some of these other were as well.

I have seen this with car manfactures over the past 100 years, slowing merging into one parent company and am wondering if this was the same case here.

John Niekamp

Sun Oct 10, 2004 1:05 pm

If I started writing about the history of IH I would be here for months. :-)

The best way to answer your question is suggest to you to buy some of the good IH books out there. The best and accurate authors are Guy Fay, Ken Updike, Ralph Baumgartner (sp), Wendel etc.. The Pribbs books have pretty pictures but many of the facts are wrong and most of the pretty "restored" tractors are not accurate.
Many of the names used are not just a time line. Many of the names occured at the same time. It would take a whole book to go into depth and then we still wouldn't be completely right.
Here in the states generally Farmall was used for row crop tractors, International was used for industrial type tractors. In Europe many of the tractors were badged both McCormick and International on the same tractor.
The name CASE was never used. Case is a completly different company.
The name Case-IH came after IH sold off thier ag division.
There is a great article in the last RedPower magazine by Guy Fay on this topic.
Today there are really only about 3 big tractor manufactures: JD, Fiat (Case-IH, NH, and others) and Landini (McCormick and others).
It gets very complicated about who owns who, as many companies were sold to meet the laws of the European Union. A guy could write a book on this but then by the time you published it everything would be wrong.
As you can see your simple question has a very complicated answer.
If you want to know when the changes came for the Cub tractor we could get that narrowed down somewhat close. The naming committee decisions are on file at the McCormick-IH Collection at the Wisconsin Historical society. The naming decisions are not on the web yet but the paint committee ones are. You can find links to thier websites through
Chapter #4's Website http://www.ihwisconsin.org
We also have over 2,500 images of IH related stuff.

Good Luck with your research. :-)


Sun Oct 10, 2004 1:16 pm

Well said Mike.

Sun Oct 10, 2004 2:13 pm

Mike Schmudlach wrote:If you want to know when the changes came for the Cub tractor we could get that narrowed down somewhat close.

Although it isn't totally spelled out in the ATIS Cub FAQ, it is mostly there. If you closely read the comments with the serial number list and look at the accompanying pictures, you will have most of it.

Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:31 pm

Jim and Mike,

Thank you for the comments, I figured there would be some hard to follow reason. Just recently read up on the argumaent and lawsuit between Herny Ford and Harry Ferguson over the three point hitch design.

I love history of all kinds but especailly on cars, trucks and old tractors. This was just something I was thinking about the other night in bed and was wondering.