Getting Closer

Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:33 pm

I was going to send a carb to Dan England today but the post office was closed so I painted instead: 8)




Can you spot the place where I missed :?: Not 8)

Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:48 pm

You forgot to paint the battery cable. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:49 pm


Looking good, looking real good. I know that I was happy with mine when I got it to this point. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The part that I hated about painting was all the clean up, still cleaning up overspay off of everything. I see that you even put up plastic sheeting like I did, helps alot but that overspay is so fine it still finds it's way into things.

Keep up the good work, Donny

John N

PS: Can I have those headlights? LOL!

Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:24 pm

Looks great.. I can't wait till I get to this part.


Mon Oct 11, 2004 8:51 pm

Underside of the hood? I think the garage door would look good in IH 2150. Looks good, Donny.

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:15 pm

Good guess Bigdog :wink: :lol: :lol:

Second pic...Someplace :lol: :lol: 8) Not 8)

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:18 pm


Hydraulic lines :?:

Looking GOOD :!: :D

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:30 pm


Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:34 pm

Nope, the hydraulic lines are taped purposely. I had painted them black so had to blue tape them.

The lower inside of the left brake pedal 8) Not 8)

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:38 pm

CUB HUT wrote:

That's it :evil:

Now I have to clean up the sprayer again. Shoot :!: :evil: 8)

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:50 pm

DONNY M Don't ask how I looked at that first..At least you only have to paint one brake. Easy to go red blind HA

Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:53 pm

Well, I have seen this tractor in various states, literally! :lol:
Never the less, each phase looked professionally done. This one would definately be front row show quality. Nice Donny. 8) 8)
Next year, when you look out over your cub empire and wonder, what shall I bring to Cubarama??? This would be it. :lol: :lol:

Tue Oct 12, 2004 8:51 am

lookin' real good, Donny. even got an official IH 2150 walmart fan :!: :)
front row job.. better watch out for the cubnapper...heard tell he was tuned in for restored units now, not drug in from out back ones :wink:

uh.....hate to mention this.........mmm....the headlights......supposed to point..forward !
:wink: :wink:

just makes you want to grab a stool, a cold frosty, and admire it for a spell :) :)

Tue Oct 12, 2004 9:53 am


Those fans worked great. I made a small room with plastic drop cloth leaving an open space at the top. I put two of those $10 fans under the garage door. It worked a lot better than I expected. The only over spray is a small amount on the floor. The door is clean with no red tint. Best of all, there were no fumes or any over spray in the rest of the garage.


With all the kind words, I'm going to have to get a bigger hat :D :D :D :D :D 8)

Tue Oct 12, 2004 12:38 pm

Real nice job Donny, painting tractors / machinery has to be the worst thing to paint with all the nooks and crannies to get to, again, great job.

P.S. inside of left brake peddle. possibly inside of clutch peddle, Hmmmm I wonder how I'd think of that