wire connections for new wire harness for 61 Cub-HELP

Tue Oct 12, 2004 12:15 pm

I am new to the forum and I am an owner of a 1961 Cub. In trying to replace the wiring harness I am at a loss to which colored wire goes to which screw in the back of the light switch and ignition key(switch) I think there are 3 wires that go to the light switch and 2 to the key. I believe there is a pink ground wire, grey and brown to ammeter. Also- Any one tel me where to buy a rear wire harness for the back light- the only one I could find from the dealer was the main wire harness. Any help sincerely appreciated!
-Galen in Culpeper VA

Tue Oct 12, 2004 12:30 pm

Does this help?


Tue Oct 12, 2004 12:34 pm

thanks- I have that one from an earlier reply to a similar question my switch is different- round not square.

Tue Oct 12, 2004 9:19 pm

The correct IH part number for your tractors wire harness should be 371032R91.

There are 9 different main harness's for Cub and Cub LoBoy tractors

Tue Oct 12, 2004 10:34 pm

The main harness, which you were able to get from the dealer is 371032R91. The rear light harness is 371033R91 and is no longer available. It would have 3 wires in it (tail light, work light and ground).

Although a little criptic, the wiring (with most color callouts) is in the Parts Catalog, which you can get for $20 from Binder Books. A lot of the wires become obvious from checking the other end. For example, the brown wire from the ammeter to the starting switch comes out of the harness near the statring switch. These should help get you going (assuming the the harness still uses the original colors):

Pink - all grounds.
Orange - ignition switch to coil.
Light green - regulator L to ignition switch.
Gray - ammeter to regulator BAT.

The fuse holder should have 2 pig tails, the side one on the ignition switch with the light green, end one feeds the light switch.

You will have to sort out the lugs on the light switch. The headlights go on one that probably has one end of the resistor attached.

The original ignition switch was a push-pull, not a key switch.

Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:20 pm

I went through a lot to figure out the wiring harness.... then some very wise person on this board pointed out that I had the wrong one!
The 'operators manual' has great drawings with color codes for wiring on all Cubs. Would have saved me lots of trouble had I bought that BEFORE the harness!
Before either of those I was able to find a 'tail light' harness at a dealer in Maine (sorry, last one).

Fri Oct 15, 2004 10:35 am

Hi All

I think OEM has a wire harness for the rear light. Paul K. in N.H.

Cub rear light harness

Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:44 am

There are 4 different rear light cables for cub and cub loboy tractors.

We have all of them. Also all 9 different main harnesses.

By the way Kevin are you out there we cannot seem to get our emails to you with either email addresses.

Sat Oct 16, 2004 4:19 pm

Wish that I had a little more time than I do. I like to see other tractors. I have a 58 Low Boy. My wife and I are on our way home from South Carolina and ar visiting my son in Locust Grove just down the road from you.