all back together.

Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:38 pm

Well I put it all back together today (Transmission and clutch).
Had to make a new bushing for the input/pto shaft connection.
Found a good pto shaft from a local fellow that has a lot of Farmall stuff.
Had to bore the input shaft to clean up the hole so I had to make a bushing for it.
Put it all back together and the noise is gone. I guess it was in the bushing area. It was worn pretty badly.
I did notice one thing as I was reassembling the gear box. The shifter fork for 1st and rev. is riding on the input shaft. I don't think this would be normal would it?
I took it back out and tried to put a little more bend in the area where the bolt goes through and it did help but not enough.
So I took it back out and used a small grinder to remove some of the fork metal where it was riding the shaft and I got it pretty good I think but it still is very close.
Has anyone else had this problem?
If so how do you remedy it?