Cub hydraulic power angle plow

Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:45 pm

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with or has seen a hydraulic power angle setup for the front plow blade on a Cub. I think it would be great for doing snow rather than getting on and off the tractor to pull the pin to turn the blade.

Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:17 pm

And I thought i was lazy. :D

Let the machine do the work!

Mon Oct 25, 2004 10:30 pm

Hey, gotta let the machine do the work, right? :D

Thu Oct 28, 2004 5:15 pm
Ted Nestell did and a good job also

Thu Oct 28, 2004 8:41 pm

Looks like a fantastic job.

Fri Oct 29, 2004 7:50 am

I agree John :!:

Hope he can document this to put on the server :idea: :idea: :!: :D

What an excellent beginner hydraulic project...

Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:24 am

Just the picture of the plumbing answers many questions for me.

Time to hunt down a bypass block I guess :D

Fri Oct 29, 2004 9:50 am

I sure would like to have somemore details on that hyd. cyl. , and the spec. on the control block.
Ted if your out there haow about some more details. I startn to get an idea.

Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:12 pm

Tom at has the block and has the fittings for the block are will have as soon as they replace the ones I ordered Wed. Elbow 2 needed
9402864 Coupling reducer 1 needed 144098 You need a 1/8X3/4 nipple also which they cannot get but hardware has it. has it. Here's is there stainless steel one
Hope Ted don't mind me posting his pictures. Here is a nice small valve that looks good on a Cub


Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:33 pm

Which cylinder did he use. The pump on the Cub is only rated at about 2.5 gpm( I thought) at 2500lbs.
Is that about right.

Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:02 pm

Pump is 2.8 going by my GSS-1411 Blue Ribbon book and 1,100 to 1,500 lbs. Mine is 1,000+. He use a 1 inch cylinder with a 8 inch stroke. One second for full stroke. Check this to figure out hydraulics.


Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:16 pm

great reference
thanks, Jerry


Sun Nov 07, 2004 5:19 pm

Thanks for the info, I'll check out these links.