Cub plowing

Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:25 pm

I am as green as green could be with this topic. I have a 12" double way plow for my cub. My land is heavy red clay. In turning my Garden my plow either run too shallow or too deep bogging the Cub down. I have touch control with a Crank fast hitch. When I set the plow up I set the fast hitch so that it can swing freely and set the lifting rod bushing way up on the rod so the plow can freely move up and down. When plowing I set the fast hitch all the way down and attempt to adjust the depth of cut with the Fast hitch crank.

I just can't get it right. Sometimes my furrows are like a picture and some times they are square on the bottom and finally some times the plow attempts to go to "China"!

What am I doing wrong?

Sure would appreciate some help.


Thu Nov 04, 2004 11:33 pm

Use the crank only to level the plow. Use your hydraulics to raise and lower the plow. You should set your stop so that your plow will plow at the same depth each run. There is not "draft control" on a Cub plow.
You have to do that yourself with your hydraulics.

A plow is meant to run level. To set your plow drive your left hind wheel up on a 6" block and then adjust your plow level by using the crank etc...
A general rule of thumb is that you plow as deep as one half the size of your plow. 12" bottom: 6" deep, 14": 7" deep etc.....
Of course type of plow, soil, conditions will all have an effect on this.

If you are plowing with a 1 pt, roll over plow good luck. You have a rare plow but doesn't work so great. Find a nice 1 pt plow and you will have much better luck.



Sun Nov 07, 2004 8:47 am