More Brake Lining woes

Sat Nov 06, 2004 8:27 am

Well all,
I finally got another set of brake linings from another dealer, same price, ea.@$50Cdn.
To follow up, the previous set from Case/IH were too small and would just barely get over the brake drum. So I went to my other supplier. He was making his monthly trip to the US to buy parts and picked me up a set of linings.
Problem: These are the type that have no rivets. Instead, they have "State of the Art" Bonding agent for longer wear. Makes sense they would last longer. One of them came with about 1/3 of the brake material separated from the metal band. i.e. the bonding agent failed.

Now, do I send it back? Or can anyone suggest a favorite "crazy glue" to bond this thing back together. I was thinking of maybe a good epoxy, or something like RC-7.

Sat Nov 06, 2004 7:26 pm


I would send it back. If part of it failed already, the rest will go when you least want it to. Of course, that means you will have to take it all apart again. :roll: :cry:

Do you have an outlet called Friction Plus hanging around up there somewhere? They are going to do my brake bands. They are reasonably priced and they deal in brake band for tractors to tractor trailers... might be an option.

If not, I can take mine in and get a price for you. Do you still have your originals?

Sat Nov 06, 2004 8:30 pm

nd i spent our honey moon touring the Gaspe. We stopped no where tourists would. We found every one 1st class even in trhe places that to order eggs you had to imitate cracking eggs. They were served with juice, toast, bacon and eggs and more importantly a smile. Not alaugh at you but a smile. Also Canada was in WWII before we were. I there fore thought that they were better off than we were. How disapointing to learn other wise is the case today. God bless you all. The long the short and the tall, etsc and etc.
PS I am glad that I am not the only one with problems.

Bill Again

Sat Nov 06, 2004 8:47 pm


The Gaspe is a world unto its own. I absolutely love visiting there. Especially the creton served with breakfast! Touring the Gaspe, you can literally go back in time to when life was a little simpler.

Still think that Canada is the greatest country on earth, and uuuummm ok, the States is the second best place on earth. New Brunswick is the best of the litter too! Yust me opinion of course :wink: :lol:
Come visit! Any cubber is always welcome at our home!
Only one thing wrong - you guys got all of our Cubs and Cub Cadets :!: :roll: :roll: :cry: :lol:

Sat Nov 06, 2004 9:42 pm

Not me Ruidi i only have one Low Boy and it started in central NY from what I can tell. Remember that it was 1955 that Bev nd i were there. Any and all cubbers are welcome in \staten Island or franklin NY when i am there. Not that they wouldnot be welcome when i am not ther but I would miss their company if at the other. Tuesday i hope to leave for Franklin and will return to SI on the Eve of Nov 24. First some work to complete the house, Then to put Bambi and his mother in the freezer. Then home to celebrate thankgsiving with my 2nd daughter and her 4 girls and hubby. Next it is off to Saratoga for a wedding and if I am luckey to meet with Allan . Next it is back home and all the thigs church and Masonry will demend of me for christmas. Hope to get back up to the country again but honestly expect it willl not be till mid Feb. It will be walk in Start the Green with he big bucket and Dig out 1200 feet of drive after the fire is started. Well yopu knopw the drill after that.
It is my 3 1/2 acre pond so it will be drill a hole and go fishing betweeen trips to the wood pile. As hard as i try It is impossible to burn down 20 acres heating a house. Thank the lord the wood grows faster than I can burn it. If it sounds as if I have the best of all worlds, I agree come share it with me. In Franklin I do not yet have internet access but the number is 697 829 5707. My cell sometimes works there and it is 917 620 7694. I take a portable with me in the garage as well as the cell. Yes I miss half of the calls but keep coming and call again. We will have supper on by the time you get here.

Any one trveling through is welcome at any time, nothing fancy but it is clean and Bev and I can cook. The local store in Franklin has home grown Beef and it is the best I have ever tasted. I don't do biscuiots like some of the pictures posted but I do a mean johnny cake and even though I am a "DAMYANKEY" (Yes 1 word), and a city boy to boot I do passable grits. A neighbor is running sheep on one of my field and we eat the grass cycled through them. May be by then we will have Bamby and his mother on the menue.



Sun Nov 07, 2004 10:58 am

I have my original bands, if you are bringing yours in, and you find it's not too dear, maybe I could ship mine your way and have them done done that-away. Meanwhile I'll be looking around here.

So when are we going down for some grits?