New Rule

Sun Nov 07, 2004 2:12 am

The humor is great. I was chuckling about the die-electric grease. Wife entered and wanted to know what was so funny. My wife is electrically and mechanically declined. I was in the middle of explaining the die-electric grease humor when she patted me on the head and left the room. Maybe it was a slap. I'm a bit thick headed.

New rule: If Eugene can not explain the humor to his wife it ain't funny.

Sun Nov 07, 2004 8:36 am

Could Eugene be slap happy?

Sun Nov 07, 2004 9:14 am

Eugene, my wife just shakes her head and keeps walking when I am on a tractor forum.

Sun Nov 07, 2004 12:30 pm

my girfriend keeps suggesting that i paint one green

NOT :) but there seems to be a lot of head shaking here, too :)

Rolled a W4 standard into my son's garage saturday. guess he was tired of me coming up behind him on my 'A' while he was on a cubcadet original 8) so now we got the W6, his W4, and my autobody friends '47 cub to work on. His cub is from the original owner (his FIL) and has no starter/hydraulics/lights/generator. i haven't seen it yet, but thats what the original bill of sale indicates. I'm curious as to the serial number of this one.