54-Grader Lifting Arm Measurements

Sun Nov 07, 2004 5:51 pm


I'm fabricating a new front axle hanger for my 54A Grader. I've ordered a new lifting arm for my Cub but I don't know how wide it will be. The lifting arm fits in a yoke along the right side of the axle hanger. In order for me to make this yoke, I need to know how wide it must be.

Can someone tell me how wide their lifting arm (>1953 linkage) is or how wide the yoke is where the lifting arm sits? Also, how deep does the yoke need to be so that I have full range of motion for the lifting arm?

Thanks for your help.

Sun Nov 07, 2004 6:50 pm


The lifting arm is 1.50" The yoke is 1.75 wide and 4.50 to the first bend. 8)

Sun Nov 07, 2004 7:15 pm

Donny you're a life saver. Thanks!!

Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:47 am

If you want I could let you borrow any parts you need to copy. I have both style blades. Though they may not ge the most complete.
I live about 30 miles East of Ithaca.

Mon Nov 08, 2004 6:42 pm


That's a very generous offer! About the only part that I really won't be able to fabricate and/or buy is the front lifting yoke w/spring. TMTractor tells me that they'll have it, eventually. I think for the time being though, I'll use the front lifter that came off of the LowBoy and use a chain to make up for the extra in inches. I actually work in/for Ithaca. The guys and I will be fabricating the axle hanger setup, both front and rear so, as per Donny's recommendation, I think I've got everything I need there. As I mentioned earlier, I've ordered the two lifting arms that run from the rocker arm to the front yoke.

The only thing that I'll need to fabricate that I'm not sure as to the size at this point is the left and right braces. This would be easy enough if I had my Cub near the welding and bending shop where we could work back and forth through trail and error but this isn't the case. Would you or anyone else be able to give me the length for these? I know that both require bends in them but I'm unsure as to where and to what degree. I'm assuming that the right brace is almost perfectly straight with a slight jog at the end to catch the bell housing. It's the left one that looks tricky.

Thanks for your help Rondellh.

Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:14 pm


Each of the braces are made out of 2x1/2 flat bar. The left one is 21.5" long and the right is 21". Each brace has two bends 3.5" from each end.
Off set for the left the best I could measure is 5.3" and 2.5" for the right. You do the math to find the angles :lol: :lol: :lol:
The flat bar that connects the braces to the torque tube is 9" long and has 3 holes. The first hole C/L is 1.00" form the end the next C/L is 4.00" and the last is 3.00"
If you e-mail me and let me know what you need I can send you some pictures. 8)

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:10 pm


Well as far as the flat bar on the bell housing, I scaled the holes off of TM tractor pretty well. I think I'm right on there. Thanks for the dimensions on the braces. This should help alot. The last items on my list are the front lifting yoke and the lifting arms. I've purchased the arms and Rudi will be posting a drawing of how to make the yoke. Hopefully, this will all come together before the snow flies! Flurries today in upstate, NY :( 2-4" tonight :roll:
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Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:23 pm


Mine is all 1/2 not 3/8. And you would be correct about bending the steel. A nice cherry red is best :!: 8)

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:30 pm

Sorry, at first glance I saw the 1/2 on your previous post and thought that you meant 2-1/2 ".

Wow 1/2" thick. Was this stock on the original parts or did you fabricate a more beefed up model?

thanks for your help Donny.

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:31 pm

Original :!: 8)

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:45 pm

Hmm. Then, while we're on the subject. Is the axle hanger made of 3/8" or 1/2" stock? Might have to rethink my approach is 1/2".

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:53 pm

1/2" except for the piece that forms the yoke for the lifting arm. That welded on piece is 3/8. 8)

Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:57 pm

Whew. I'm glad you've pointed these things out to me before I bought all of the stock needed for these items. Thanks alot for your help.

Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:17 pm

One other note, the plate on the bottom of the hanger that the pivot bolts to is 5/16 plate. 8)

Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:27 pm

Scotty when you bend there is a small radius. If you were to clamp in the vise at 1" in the vise with 1/2" stock and you measure back after the bend you will find the the leg 1 1/16" to 1 1/8". It is really a product of how hot the stock is and how tight you make the bend.
What I am trying to say is that when bending you can come a little long or short. after your first bend measure and you will see what i am driving at.