Rudi's Manuals

Tue Nov 09, 2004 3:57 pm

How do I get to Rudi's manuals ?

Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:01 pm

Real easy. Just view any of my posts and click on the Cub Manual Server link :D

Or you can check out this thread : [url=]New Members and Visitors, Please READ

Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:12 pm

Goo to see you back on the air. How was thedoctor?


Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:17 pm


Some good, some not so good.

Had a radiograph type xray done on my heart on Thursday. Oooops :oops: :roll: didn't pass. Got a call from the cardiologist yesterday just before supper and got told to get me butt in to see her this morning.

Looks like at the very best it is angioplasty, but more than likely in her opinion it is gonna be a multiple bypass. I am not lookin forward to that.

Aside from that there thing, life is good, I is looking at the grass from the green side up and not looking up at the roots! Must be having a good day eh? :wink: :lol:

Gotta think positive. That and make sure I got me bottle of explosive in me pocket --- nitro.. :roll: :roll:

Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:30 pm

Bless you. I have friends and relatives with either angio or bypass. All are doing well. I have heard that it is tough North of the border to get scheduled for these things. I hope that your military will be a help.
With your spirit and the progress in medicine today you will be and do well of that I am confident. Bless your wife and listen to her when she tells you to slow down or if it is the case to get going. Bev and I will put you on our prayer List.


Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:31 pm

Rudi - take it easy man! I'd hate to inherit your cubs this soon! :lol: :lol: :lol: I can wait. Just take care of yourself and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Rudi

Tue Nov 09, 2004 5:16 pm

I had a double by-pass several years ago and better for it ! The angio went with out a hitch and afer surgery and about 6 weeks recovery time , I was back on the tractors . Good luck ! bryson

Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:17 pm

Hey guys:

Thanks a lot for the wishes and prayers, I really appreciate. I do know that the Lord has his plan, and that I am in His care.

Em takes care of me real well, and I learned a long time ago that it is best to listen to her. Besides, I still have about 27 years to go - want to make it to 50 years with her!


Unfortunately the only thing Vets in Canada get is Phillipsed or Robertsoned - read screwed.... The VA don't help, not if they can help it that is :roll: . I have a couple of aquaintances (fellow Canadians) who served in the US Forces during the Vietnam war, in fact one of them is a Medal of Honour winner :shock: . Boy do you guys take care of them - even after they have returned to Canada. :!: :D :D

I read an article today, speaking of which. 12,000 Canadians served with US Forces during Vietnam (my uncle was one of them), 150 died in combat. Over 1,000 Canadians served with US Forces during the 1st Gulf War. Today, there are up to an estimated 10,000 Canadians serving with US Forces. They are the largest single source of non-citizens serving in the US Forces. (These are either those who hold duals, have alien green cards or had just said the hell with the Canadian Government for not getting involved and joined the US Forces). Interesting tidbits that I see every now and again. Really proud of our guys and gals!

As for scheduling, I am on the fast track which makes things easier. If you need care, you get it. If you need emergency care, man you get it pronto. I am very proud of our health care system. If it is elective, then you wait, and wait and wait, which is as it should be. Especially tummy tucks and such as that there.


It is gonna be awhile before there is any inheritance concerns. :D :D I still have a bunch I need to aquire yet - haven't filled up me quota of Cubs yet :lol:


That is what they tell me, and I am hopeful. I intend to do all the docs tell me to do to enhance those chances.

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate :D God Bless you all (+)

Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:24 pm


I'll be thinking about you in the days and weeks to come.....take care of yourself and do what sawbones says.

Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:50 pm

Good to hear that you are on the pronto list.


Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:59 pm

Rudi, you'll be in my families thoughts and prayers.