Ernest L. Wagner New member

Sat Nov 13, 2004 12:43 am

Hey there fellow Cubbers,

I see that Mr. Ernest Wagner took my advice and just joined our elite group here. Let's give him a hearty welcome to the "Best forum on the internet"

I had the true pleasure to met Ernie in person, just this past Wednesday at my house. What a wonderful gentleman, a true delight to converse with. Not to mention he has a VERY understading wife. We talked and talked, while his poor Mrs. quietly sat in their car, NOT saying a word.

My wife, Mary, is indebted to Mr. Wagner too, for he purchased my 48 8N Ford and now Mary can once again park her van in the garage.

I on the other hand, WELL !!! ............, just kidding Ernie, :lol:

I am very happy to see all my work is going to a good home and at least it will get some use now. I just hope Ernie gets as much trouble free enjoyment with it as I did. PLUS really (for me) the most fun was over and that was making it look good again. The Cub will be my "work" tractor.
(is it legal to say "WORK" and "CUB" in the same sentence?) :lol:

Ernie also has a Cub, but I will let him introduce himself and his Cub to all of you. I'm just happy that there is someone else here on the forum, that's only about an hour away from me.

Ernie, you will soon see here shortly after reading some of the other members post why I said the other night why I think this is the BEST forum EVER! ALL of these good folks are just WONDERFUL, each and every one of them. They are more than willing to share advice, knowledge and past experiences. Because of this forum is why my little Cub Lo-Boy turned out so well, for I had NOTHING to go on but these guys expert knowledge, back when I first got mine in April of this year.

AGAIN, welcome and thanks !!!!!!

John Niekamp

Sat Nov 13, 2004 11:32 am

Mr Wagner :D

Welcome to the Best Forum on the net! Also, welcome to the Cub Family :!: 8) :D

As John as said, the guys here are pretty awesome. When I said welcome to the Cub Family, I really meant it :!: The guys and gals that frequent this forum are just that - family :!: :D :D :D They make owning a Cub a real pleasure and with their wit, humour and sense of caring that they exhibit constantly, they truly deserve the term family .

Again, welcome. Please join us often. 8) :D