Rudi update

Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:16 am

I am reposting this because Rudi wants everyone to know how much he appreciates your thoughts and prayers and I think my original subject line was confusing. Will also add afew other things I remembered.

Friday morning 19 Nov.
Just talked to Rudi. He sounded tired but in good spirits and anxious to get back to Cub business. He wanted me to thank everyone for their concern, emails and calls.

He really seemed to perk up when he started talking about all the good people at this board so please keep communicating with him. If I know that he is in the same room I will try contacting him again next week.

He indicated that he had other health issues that may be delaying or complicating things. He didn't go into detail and I didn't ask.

George W, Rudi asked me to tell you that he is really glad to hear that you got a clean bill of health and hopes that your recovery is swift and uneventful.

Also, if he can get a laptop and internet access he will communicate with us when possible.

Please excuse this double post, but I know it is important to Rudi that y'all know how much he appreciates you folks.


Sat Nov 20, 2004 1:37 pm

Thanks Moe1942,

I just received this email from Gordon and he asked me to post this for him.

"Hi John,
Visited with Rudi and Emily yesterday morning, I took them the latest posts they both enjoyed very much!
While I was there Rudi's doctor visited, Rudi asked for a three day pass,(old soldiers keep trying) there was no response.
I talked with Rudi on the phone last nite and again this morning. He is tired. I will visit with him this evening and take the new issue of Red Power.I thank the people at Red Power for the timely delivery!
For those who are interested ,yes we have universal medical care ,and Rudi is very proud of it,just ask him, but be ready for a complete history lesson!
The reason for a waiting list is the most critical go to the top of the list, Rudi is around 30th,a new list is issued daily.
Rudi thanks all for your calls,posts and cards.


John,You can kindly pass the word,thanks."

I replied back to Gordon and offered to sned Rudi my old laptop, for however long he wants it, it's nothing real fancy or fast, but it would allow Rudi to get on the internet and so forth.

John Niekamp