Making headway on Brakes

Sat Nov 20, 2004 3:32 pm


I know I was a little steamed when I first saw my new brake bands from OEM and may have given them a bad rap. Thing is, I go out to the shop and I start looking at them again, they are definately look to be made by the same mfg. as the ones I just sent back (the brake material on those fell off one of the bands right out of the box) So you can understand my sentiments when I see the same looking band.
Anyway, I got one on. It fits! :D

I have found the problem with these is the "shape" of them has to be right. I tried putting a worn down original in opposite of the way it was in originally. Well I could hardly get it bent enough to fit in.

That said, what one has to do is compare the "shape" of your new replacement with the "shape" of the of the original. You may have to give a little "bend" here and there to get it right. That is a problem with these glued ones, too much bend and you could have separation. They come with a warning sticker saying NOT to BEND excessively.

I still have to get the right side on, and I'll be looking at that this afternoon.

Worst thing that could happen now is for the brake material glue to fail "after" they are in service.

In any case, the first bands I got from Case/IH were definately too small.

Brake Bands

Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:01 pm

EZ, the ones I put on my 48' were new from Case/IH. I have a 48' Cub, so they are the type with a solid rod, not the toggle type. Which type do you have? The bands on mine were rivited in place and the overall construction was very good, like the originals. My originals still had some life left in them but were oil soaked. I thought since I was in there I would just replace the bands too. I took a torch to the old bands and drove off the oil. As for fit, the new bands were tight, but they have not given me any trouble after adjustment.


Sun Nov 21, 2004 10:39 am


I've got the toggle type on the '67 Loboy. The set I got from Case/IH were too tight. I got the right side on but could not even move the toggle once it was in, also could not spin the axle. I could not even "hammer" the left side on. Like you say excellent quality, just no control.

Anyway, I have both bands from OEM installed now and it looks good. Short of them falling off (glued type) after they are in service,

I am officially putting this one to bed.

I hope some have learned and gained, I know I have, sometimes frustrating, always expensive, but worth it in the end.