I get excited about the smallest things!

Fri Dec 03, 2004 1:55 pm

Well, I'm running down to Elmira, NY tonight after work to pickup my rebuilt generator. She needed a new armature. I'll be installing this on Henry tomorrow and can't wait to see that ol' ammeter point toward the positive side for a change. I'll probably need a new battery too since the old one's been discharged and sitting around in close to freezing temps since the beginning of the season :(

Fri Dec 03, 2004 1:56 pm

Don't forget to polarize the generator when you install it.

Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:19 pm

You know, I've been talking about having this generator rebuilt for some time and I've known now for several months about repolarizing. Would you believe I forgot that I needed to do that until you reminded me? Thanks.