BIG Snow a-Comin'

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Rick Prentice
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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby Rick Prentice » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:29 am

NWOhio got hammered pretty good last night. We're in a level 3 snow emergency and the roads are drifted shut all around me. The winds were about 45+ mph and coming from the east(I think Ed's direction :shock: ) and now I have some frozen pipes(thanks Ed :D ) I'm with Bigdog=
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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby CPIII » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:34 am

Supposed to get 1 - 2" accumilation on Friday.....wish I had a blade for my cub...but alas joy for me .....have fun guys and stay warm!!! We are going through rolling blackouts here in the Houston area too...kinda worrysome when it is this cold and the power goes out....
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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby CapeCodCubs » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:15 am

ScottyD'sdad wrote:Hope Chris (Chuckwheat) made it to work today, in that "girly" truck. Ed

I made it in fine smarty pants! They did offer to let me use the new Dodge Ram 4 wheel drive pick up, but I actually like smaller pickups so I don't have to sit on a phone book to see out the windshield like some people I know. Roads are flooding now and 2 lanes on I-95 in Providence are shut down. Getting home will be rough when the temps plummet and the flooding freezes...great :?

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Buzzard Wing
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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby Buzzard Wing » Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:40 pm

It would have been a notable amount of snow.... but all rain. The weather guys predicted freeze at 4, so I scammed out of work and plowed the drive clean. Rock solid ice now.... I don't mind snow, but the ice most of the eastern US has gotten is just dangerous.

I do like the shoes on the plow, mine are set about 1/4" and it works out perfectly, leaves my rough (very old) driveway with just enough stuff that it's not slick with ice.

Never driven with studded tires, but I have been running 'studless' winter tires for the past 11 years or so on the truck.... ever since I slid down a hill (that I was going up!) and another incident on I-80 just into PA (from OH) that was almost a spectacular accident (semi box sideways was going to take out folks in the breakdown lane). The downside is picking out the tiny pebbles every year, but they make a giant difference and have been a good investment for me.
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Team Cub
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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby Stanton » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:12 pm

Well, since I started this post, I'll add another.

Forecast for Lone Jack (i.e. KCMO) was 8"-12"; we got 12" by Wednesday morning. The wind picked up on Tuesday evening, overnight, then on Wed morning to 35mph+ (official blizzard). :x By Tuesday evening, MODot had closed I-70 from KC to St. Louis :shock: , but it reopened at 6:30 AM Wed. First time I remember that happening.

The blizzard conditions produced some nice looking snow drifts; 24"-48" high. I dug out in front of my barn doors, went inside to start the Cub and :shock: I had left the light switch on DIM from a week ago when I last used it. Ouch. The battery charger didn't produce enough juice to start it and I couldn't get any response from hand cranking, so off to TSC for a new battery. Started right up! :{_}:

The snow was difficult to push, but managed well enough. The thin layer of sleet/ice below the snow didn't help for traction. I do know this much, I have three neighbors who are VERY grateful that I own a Cub with a blade. Spent most of yesterday playing in the, er, I mean pushing snow. 8)

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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby mikethefixitman1 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:55 pm

HI Everyone
WE got a mixed bag here. I didnt measure but I think we got about an 1 of ice or more. THE biggest problem was the wind that brought down trees and powerlines. We were with out power about 30 hrs. We made it threw,our camping equipment(propane lites,sleepin bags and a few little tricks we have learned along the way help get us threw.Biggest problem was NO ENTERTAINMENT. WE rely on the computer and TV a lot more than we thought.

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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby sdurnal » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:08 pm

Like you Roger, we got the ice instead of the snow. Luckily the power was restored quickly. (I'm all electric) I was really aching to try out the new set of skids that Kubkraft made for me....Oh well, maybe next week....just no more ice.....

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Re: BIG Snow a-Comin'

Postby bythepond88 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:23 pm

In NE Illinois, we ended up with an official total of 20.2 inches, the third highest ever. Even worse than the snow, was the wind. We got gusts up to 70 mph.

Going home Tuesday night, I figured I'd have to park in the road and clear the driveway to get to the garage, because it had been snowin' & blowin' for a few hours. My driveway drifts badly, especially when there is a ridge down the sides from plowing, but usually the drifts are highest at the end of my driveway. To my surprise, the drifts at the end weren't too bad - I got snookered. The wind came from a different direction than usual, and the big drift was up by the house. I got stuck. After about 30 minutes of clearing around the van and enough of the pad to get to the garage, I got the van bedded down. Then my daughter's boyfriend dropped by, and he got stuck in the driveway, too (but he didn't make it as far up). We dug out all the snow from beheath, and enough in front to get her moving, but the drifts had filled in so much behind, that I had to fire up the thrower again, and clear the drive again. An hour later, they were out of the driveway (they were just going down the street to a neighbor's, or I wouldn't have let them go).
Michael Cummings
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