We Pulled It off John *.?-!.* Cub Owner

Mon Dec 27, 2004 7:28 am

Hi every one I wanted to post finally And thank everyone that gave info and A special Big Thanks to John *.?-!.* Cub Owner. We have a Very Very Happy Young Man Here. Its a long very sad story so I wont really get into it but We have a new Cub owner in the mitz that hopefully will cary on the tradition. I finished the Magneto for the tractor almost a week early. And figured I had better see if it would run. Could only do it when the boy was in school or gone away.So it ran rough I started looking at the carb and OHHH BOY was it ever warped Thanks to lurker carl that baby is just like new. So Again thanks very much John for the Magneto parts, And Lurker Carl for the info and pictures. Could not have pulled it off with out you. He told me to wish all you a very happy holiday and a big thanks and look for him to make enough money plowing gardens and mowing next year to buy a PC to Post and bother you all with tons of CUB questions. AGAIN THANKS A MILLION MAGMAN JON

Mon Dec 27, 2004 9:48 am

I was wondering over the weekend how things worked out. Tell him we'll be looking forward to hearing from him. Had you been fixing up a mag to sell you would have to find parts elsewhere, but for the project you were working on I was glad to help out.
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Mon Dec 27, 2004 11:37 am

Yes John The only thing I have left to do is get a gear from carter and greaunwald they emailed me back with this info: The small gear is part # 251526R1................$ 12. I put the one in you sent me so I will have to pull that back out and replace it with a new one probly wait till spring when its warmer though these old fingers dont work on those little parts to good when its this cold out. I am even thinking about letting him use my plow for the remainder of the winter. Good way for him to make some money I think and good way for me to stay out of the cold. LOL

Mon Dec 27, 2004 4:57 pm

The teeth were pretty badly worn on that one, and may wear the rotor. I'd change it as soon as possible.