Re: Low Oil Pressure- Engine Seizing?

Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:53 am

Well, 2-1/2 years later and I decided to get this tractor fixed.
I pulled the pan and one by one dropped the bearing caps and low and behold....the bearings were fine. Heck, the engine crankcase even looked pretty darn clean.
I put it all back together and primed the engine. It did not take much, just a few ounces before it overflowed.
After troubleshooting the ignition, removing the carb, taking apart and cleaning and replacing the fuel, the tractor fired up.
Oil pressure is very good and the tractor runs pretty darn good with no noise or signs of problems other than a low idle speed pulse (probably gov)
I wish I would have done this sooner but I really had thought that I had a lower end problem that might be fatal.
Thanks for all the help.


Re: Low Oil Pressure- Engine Seizing?

Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:17 am

:{_}: Every dog has his day! :-:-): :D

Now may be a good time to print the lubrication section of the Owner's manual and go through each and every lube point. Generator, fan hub, steering right from nose to tail. Only then will you know that is has been "gone through".