The real reason Scrivet's cub is in my shed.

Wed May 25, 2011 10:32 pm

Scrivet noticed the left final of that cub was loose and leaning out some at the bottom a few months ago and put some bolts in it where he could, and has been giving it light duty until I had some room in the shed and some time. Since I was through playing with his throwout bearing and spending Rabbit Holler Flash's money on that part I decided to pull the final this afternoon while it was raining too hard to do anything outside.

Found a couple things I expected, and a couple I did not.


One hole had a bolt broken off in it, which I knew about and it came out easily. One hole had all the threads stripped out, and the one next to it had aprt of them stripped out. They are both circled and will get Helicoils. The surprise came when I got a look at the bottom. The dowel pin hole is broken out completely and part of the bottom front hole is broken, but it does hold good with what is left. I think he will be ok using it as long as he does not get too violent with it.

Re: The real reason Scrivet's cub is in my shed.

Thu May 26, 2011 6:31 am

Here's the pictures from the first post the way I found it back in January.
Scrivet wrote:Was installing the drawbar back on Johnny Bob last week when I noticed there was a space between the mounting plate and the final drive which hadn't been there before. Which made me stop, stand up, scratch my head, see this and then mumble things I shouldn't post......

Which led to "should I be able to see the front blade through here?"

So what is the correct camber for the rear wheels? :shock:

Jacked that side up and it came back together with one bolt missing, one bolt broken off inside the casting, and one bolt stripped in the casting. On the positive side the missing bolt was one of the shorter ones and the broken off bolt replaced it for now. All but the broken one and the striped one tightened up.

This is not the cub my nephew and I did the NASCAR pit stop brake job on in case anyone (i.e. Rabbit Holler Flash) is thinking we didn't tighten something up. Haven't been in this final but I think some seal work will be in order soon.

I guess that offset cultivision roller bearing throw out bearing was putting excessive strain on the left side of the tractor :lol: just another reason to not try to reinvent the (throwout bearing) wheel.

Re: The real reason Scrivet's cub is in my shed.

Thu May 26, 2011 8:33 am

I would be looking a trans case if it were mine, I will give you an old type one and can bring it to the tug, the one with the larger top rear bearing just let me know

Re: The real reason Scrivet's cub is in my shed.

Thu May 26, 2011 9:23 am

If your going to be replacing the trans case with a good one, might as well consider looking for a pristine set of gears off a cub cadet.

"As long as your in there"