cub on ebay

Fri Jan 28, 2005 12:42 pm ... 98817&rd=1

look at the Hydrolics, whats the deal?

Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:00 pm

Looks to be a home fabricated reservoir tank only under the fuel tank with an aux. valve back near the seat. I don't see any cylinder/s or rockshafts anywhere.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 2:53 pm

I dont think so, If you blow the pic up you can see lines running up to the pump

Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:04 pm


^looks like he had to fill it often.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:06 pm

My Cub is set up like this one on eBay. It has a square hydraulic tank in same location with soft lines to the pump and an external ram on steering shaft side.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:15 pm

what are the lines running to the back for? Is this an after market unit. The filler looks bigger than the heating oil filler on my house! :lol: Anyone going out that way

Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:19 pm

I think you're right Dan. It looks like a quick connect fitting on the control valve. He must have had an implement with a cylinder on it. Kind of a neat simple setup.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:25 pm


wow... someone had some calcium leakage...

poor cubby :(

Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:39 pm

Hi All

I see that it also comes with a belt pulley. Paul K. in N.H.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:42 pm

i dont see why it shouldnt, the description says it runs. that bely pulley is perty cool aint it :wink:

Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:45 pm

wish i was closer i woudl bid on it. I emailed and ask how much to ship it to MD. I am sure it would be more than the tractor cost

Fri Jan 28, 2005 10:02 pm

Hi All

Also has wheel weights all around. I don't see a battery, thought I saw a hand crank on the floor pan but not sure. I see the lights, empty battery box, starter and I know it has a mag, as he says it needs work. I don't see a pullrod on the starter, but like I said I thought I saw a hand crank. I know you would need the battery for the lights, but I never really understood the mag and hand crank deal and how it all works, as my fcub is a 61 with battery and distributor. I know how you fellas hand crank them up, just not the mag, distrubutor battery deal. I may be further in the dark than I thought, but I'm tryin. Paul N.H. :oops:

Fri Jan 28, 2005 11:21 pm

On the early cubs, as well as most other old tractors starter and lights were optional. The magneto generated enough voltage to fire the spark plugs without the need for a battery. Of course with no electrical system or starter a hand crank or pulling was the only way to start it.

Fri Jan 28, 2005 11:33 pm

Hey all,

I see what I would like to have in the background of this picture, looks like an old Deere (left front of Cub) on steel and also a "hit-n-miss" maybe 1 1/2 horse?

The cub would be ok too, but like Todd, to far to travel.

John Niekamp


Sat Jan 29, 2005 10:30 am

I have a friend in Victor maybe he can take a look for me. I'm going up to see him in May. Looks like a BIG weld on the tube just behind the clutch pedal. Oops, that might be the battery cable or hydraulic line.