PTO Spiggot Bearing

Mon Apr 11, 2005 12:08 am

Re noisy 1st and reverse, Ive had a good cleanround in the box, washed out with kero as your helpful suggestions, I cannot see anything terribly amiss, so perhaps its1st/reverse slider.
How to get to it? I presume split the tractor. What is easiest way, where are the pitfalls please?
Whilst writing, I took PTO out to look at end of shafts etc, there is a spiggot on the end of the pto and a hole in the end of the gearbow mainshaft where the spiggot locates, should there be a bearing in this hole? if so are they available??? :?:
Now to see if photos work!!! Patrick

Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:38 am

there's supposed to be a bushing in the end of the top transmission shaft. that bushing in yours looks to be non existant, but it's hard to tell from the picture.

the bushing is available, no problem, and on RUDI's site you'll see a repair procedure to drill out the old one without splitting the tractor.

need to look also at the bearing oil feed to the rear top shaft bearing. it's fed gear oil through a hole that can be seen with the shifter assembly off. make sure that's clear, and the bearing has gotten lube.

Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:04 am

If your pto shaft has a flat spot on the end where it goes into the pilot bushing it will soon wear it out again. Learned that the hard way. If so, you need to replace he pto shaft or take it to a machine shop to get it reapired. if your noise is in R and 1st only, your problem may be the reverse idler gear bearing, which is located in the lower left rear of the transmsion.