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Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:13 pm

Now I have the low down on the bearings (or the 'film at 11'). Found a stack of them in a warehouse somewhere thanks to Ed Dawarski. Although the list comes back like Rudi's above, the bearings I received were 'NDH USA 1204 T' with the factory oil still on them, an exact match! :D Mine were both Hyatt, but New Departure and Hyatt were GM and merged to be NDH.

I ordered a few today and apparently there is 300 of them in stock. (800) 409-3632 (Keith) locateballbearings.com‎

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:05 pm


Thanks for that info. I am going to have to order them .. like you said at Cecil's -- it would be okay in a pinch -- but a new one really is in order. Probably will figure out how many units I have and then order them over time so I have a future stock.

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:28 am

Rudi, the answer on the 6205-J is this, the "J" mostly means nothing at all. Don't worry about it. Just get an "open" bearing of the correct size.
As for your #4 question. I cannot answer as I don't know which bearing you need from your input. Just know, it the "OH" is on the bearing description after the basic size, it means it has an oil hole. If you want the oil hole be sure someone checks their inventory to be sure of what they will send to you.
1204TS is a much different bearing. May be wise to pull your stuff apart before ordering the bearings.
Just an in-site on the rubber seals causing increased torque and drag. You would never be able to tell if you had sealed bearings or open bearings because this drag would be so little the Cub would not know it was there. The typical 6205-J-2RS bearing was designed for the electric motor industry and I am sure they would not allow too much drag via the seals if it were the case.
All this is just from my knowledge of being a bearing and industrial power transmission sales guy since 1971, so take it as you will. Thanks, Steve K.

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:27 pm


Thanks for your input, helpful in the learning curve and I know it will be helpful as I go through the rebuild process here. Sure hope you are feeling better after the surgery.


Just talked to Fundy Bearings - the NDH 1204 T is simply not available through the normal parts stream according to the guy I was talking to. He is going to see what he can do. Meanwhile, I have a call into Keith and am awaiting a call back. Going to figure out how many gear boxes I have and I am going to order enough to rebuild em all. That way I will have enough bearings for even new purchases.

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:10 pm

Thanks again Steve. I figured the drag would not account for much and was better than the alternative. Both surfaces the seals are supposed to seal are a problem on both the pulleys I have opened. Not even sure how that ring(s) in the picture would seal considering it just slides on a splined shaft anyway. It is supposed to be held in place by either a spacer, belt pulley or my case a PTO yoke. The other shaft is an equally pitted mess. That's why I went with a sealed bearing. I did replace the seals, more to keep stuff out than to keep the HyTran in.

Rudi, I know you have a lot going on.... but I was ready to declare that bearing the only Cub part I couldn't find. I am pretty persistent and even had people canvassing local dealers to see if there was a stray one somewhere, after I gave up on all the traditional bearing places and help from Ken at C&G. My guess is they haven't been made in 40 years and we got lucky(thanks to Ed :D ) and found a company that has a big (or the right) network of sources.

Since I didn't get the expansion plug sealed right :oops: I will probably break it down and replace the 1204T in that one... won't be mowing for while anyway.

I will send Don an update on the other parts.

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:51 pm


Spent a fair amount of time on the phone yesterday.... Friday that is. First call was to locatebearings.com talked to a guy named Larry :lol: - yup, they got em in stock, lots of em. Wanted to drop ship them to me via UPS. Said no thanks.. please ship via USPS. He says hang on -- so I sit on hold - and it ain't a 1-800 #, so I hangs on. Larry gets back on the phone, says his shipper will only ship via UPS, don't trust USPS. So I says, I don't like UPS -- charge more for handling than the 2 bearings are worth -- Larry agrees. His shipper still won't ship via USPS.

Soooo... hmmm. Then Larry says - hey, did you try Motion Industries? No.. I didn't. Motion didn't come up in a search for the Hyatt 1204T bearing. He says, it shows here that Motion has em in stock. Then he says -- they are in Canada too. Ding Ding Ding :idea: :D Canada you say :?: :?: So I calls Motion. Get the US office. Go through the questions -- and yup they have em in stock. Then I ask them do they have them in stock in Canada. Yup she says. Then she transfers me for wherever in the US she is to my local Motion Industries here in Moncton :big say what:

Yup, right here in River City. So I talk to the guy. He don't have a clue and can't find em. So he says, leave me your phone number and I'll call you in a couple days. I have a feeling I will be able to get the bearings locally and at the same price, which works for me. :D

More updates at 11 :lol:

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:37 am

Nuttin is easy! BUT, now that I know where they are, I ordered 4 Monday ($25ea) and they arrived early Friday. USPS priority mail :D The first ones came UPS.

Re: Belt Pulley Gear Box Rebuild

Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:48 am

I will let you know what happens this week. I am hoping I can get them. He asked me how many I wanted - so I told him I wanted 4 at least.
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