Woods 59 Auto Greaser

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Woods 59 Auto Greaser

Postby lazyuniondriver » Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:39 pm

Hope the title didn't mislead you into thinking you were going to see a pnumatic greaser with a reservoir and grease lines running to all the spindles and friction points on a timer greasing the mower every 20 minutes of run time.

Not from lazyuniondriver.

I did whip up a budget auto gravity greaser for the tail end shaft of the Woods mower that eggs out the adjustment holes in the bull drive.

I personally have an issue with things that can't be greased, especially when they fail from lack of lubrication.

I realize the part pictured in the photo is far from failing (it took nearly 20 years to wear it this much) but if you are a lubrication fanatic like myself, this ten minute fabrication will make you feel better.

As you can see, the second hole from the bottom has been hogged out from years of use. I didn't buy it new and the damage was already done when I brought it home.

When I grease the machine, I would always squirt a dab of grease around the shaft and hole but it never seems to stay around long.

This past summer with the dry weather, I wanted to mow one notch higher so while I had the bull drive apart for bearing maintenance and height adjustment, I added a grease reservoir.

The lazyuniongreaser consists of a short piece of 1/2 copper pipe capped and drilled for a grease Zerk. The tube is bonded in place with a bead from my JB welder and has held up all season. I didn't even bother to sweat the cap to the pipe since I had the JB out anyway, it worked well.

I charge the tube with the slimy crappy grease you use for coating stuff you don't want to rust instead of the good stuff which tends to stay up in the tube too long.

The buck ninety nine a tube stuff consistently creates an oily slime that won't quit coating the entire shaft and around the hole especially in the high heat this summer.

For aesthetics you could glue it on from behind but I chose to have it visible and easy to reach with the grease gun. One good bop from the ball pein should cut it loose if height adjustment is necessary. It can easily be tacked back on with the tube welder.

I shot it with IH white before I charged it up, and it is barely noticeable but certainly worth the effort to provide lubrication the Woods brothers felt wasn't necessary... Like on their bull drive idler pulleys.
Lazyuniongreaser... Budget Model. Only Fill With Cheap Grease
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