new 1000 loader is home!

Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:08 pm

My dad went and picked up my loader that I won on ebay last week! My parents went and picked it up today it was about a 6 hour round trip for them. I was talking it over how it looked and my dad was like wow that would work real good on my super A just think what I could do. I laughed and said well dad get the super A in the garage that is exactly why I bought it. He lives about 1/4 mile acorss the feild and now we can work the 2 loaders together! he says Chad I can't swing it right now I said I am not worried we will work something out!
I am happy because it came with a super A front blade that has been adapted so that you remove the bucket and install the 5' snow plow. just what I was looking for!

The loader came with all hardware and mounting hardware. it also came with the bypass block. We just need to pait the loader the frame has been sand blasted and primed.
I can not wait to use it!

Re: new 1000 loader is home!

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:49 am

The only thing I could see wrong with one of those loaders is that if you got any kind of weight in the bucket, I bet it would be TOUGH to steer without power steering and small tires (especially on a Cub). Good luck with it and can' t wait to see it finished and installed on the tractor!!