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Jack fowler
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Re: Lots of Grunt!

Postby Jack fowler » Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:09 am

Jim Becker wrote:
As far as I know, CNH has been Fiat controlled since it was formed in 1999.

I didn’t know that. I thought the talks were going on now.

Buzzard Wing wrote:
I took a lot of heat for buying a Ford truck.... t's green on the outside, red on the inside (Navistar/International).

If you’re referring to the red on the inside …to the engine …. far as I know Ford uses their own diesel now.

rogerk wrote:
at least ford didn't take a bailout I will consider that on my next purchase. I am currently driving a 2012 dodge ram quadcab....company owned but can use as my own. If I had to purchase myself I'm lean-in toward ford.........just saying

At least GM isn’t under a foreign name tag....(maybe China borrowed money to keep it that way). They may have 80% non USA parts in their cars/trucks but for me at least I still have the feeling; Chevrolet…apple pie…. USA.

I was listing to CNBC yesterday about the Government /GM buy out and they said the Government went to Ford and offered GM to them at cost and Ford refused. I would think that would have been a good deal to get a good product with that good of a market share.

Hopefully GM will get their act together.
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Re: Lots of Grunt!

Postby LARRY BALL » Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:49 pm

RUDI, I have used the set-up you had on my cub many times. One main problem I saw was the Nylon tow strap you were using.
My good friend manufactures nylon straps of many designs. The tow strap needs to be pre-loaded of sorts. You need to more or less put slack in the
tow strap and when it reaches the end the stretch in the nylon launches the stuck truck out! The tow strap has a breaking strength rating. The one you have appears to be 20,000 pounds.

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Re: Lots of Grunt!

Postby Rudi » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:33 pm


A good towing strap would be nice - it is on my wish list. Mostly for off the property uses. On our property I tend to use slings that my brother-in-law Ray buys for his crane business. When they get to a certain point where there might be a little fraying etc., then I end up with them. These slings are rated for safe working/breaking strength as well. Not sure what the limits are for this one, but it is in the range you figured. I use these slings for a lot of my needs and they are simply perfect. I don't often run into having to pull out a load that heavy and I am not sure I would try it again. I am a little leary, so many things could have gone wrong. Could have popped her over, smoked the clutch or maybe something else like bust my finals again. So far I have just been lucky. Going to limit my out of envelope endeavours.
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Re: Lots of Grunt!

Postby LARRY BALL » Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:19 pm

Well you are certainly correct about pushing the envelope. I hadn't realized the trailer was loaded? But, I forever surprised what these
little tractors can accomplish. I use the nylon slings, tie downs, lifting and towing straps from 1" to 4 ". I can't tell you the number of
saplings that have lost there life . to a yellow strap connected to a yellow cub. A neat set up was a 30 ft i in. strap my friend made up for me.
It has a loop on one end that goes over a trailer ball on my draw bar. The other end has a hook and in between a sliding steel ring. I lay out the strap and lay out tree limbs I've cut on top of the strap butt end towards the tractor. Cinch the hook in the sliding ring, the loop over the trailer ball, where you backed the tractor.
Put 'er in second and drive off. I've moved brush, limb piles, old boards. etc. I 've even drug some pretty big pines with a hook in the lift arm and raise the trunk just enough so it won't dig in. Sometimes if the limbs are big enough it will just kinda float if balanced correctly. Next time I'll post some pictures. :-:-):

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