Pressure Plate Fix

Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:33 pm

Had a fellow call me tonight to ask some pressure plate questions. He had replaced the Auburn unit with a Rockford unit a bit over six months ago. After a short discussion, I asked if I could come and take some pics of the problem pressure plate and his remedy for the problem.

One of the adjusting nuts came off and this is how it turned out.
Pressure plate finger.

TOB - new ~ six months ago.

TOB hanger.

New pressure plate with safety wired nuts. Fingers adjusted to 1.25".

Closeup of custom built safety wired nut. Nuts had loctite applied as well.

Neither one of the fellows there, this evening, are members of this forum, however, there was a printed copy of this on the workbench. When asked about how they found it, the answer was "I just used a search engine."

As an aside, I got to bring these home.

Should make single handedly sliding the two halves of a Cub together much simpler. Much better than the ones I made by cutting the heads off a couple of bolts.

Re: Pressure Plate Fix

Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:44 pm

Bill, I have had great success with using an inch and a 1/4 fine thread bolt with the head cut off and a slot ground in with a dremill tool,for a screwdriver, to replace the often too short adjustment bolts in the pressure plate. 99% of the time a nut comes off is on account of the studs being too short in the fingers. This is a very simple fix. You will also need to bevel the end of the bolt to replace the stud. I have had Zero problems doing this. Use grade 5 bolts