Road Trip!

Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:52 pm

Ethan and I kept the cub busy for about 6 hours Saturday hauling saw logs. Ethan made 3 trips out of 7 with me. He had a great time waving and helping steer the tractor. Most of the 2+- mile round trip was on residential streets. The sawmill is indoors. The building used to belong to Robert Harrington. He made a business out of changing out used tires for new ones for NASCAR teams. Beautifull day. Downside , some -------- pulled out and passed me as I was turning left. Had to slide the tires. Guess he was to young to know hand signals. Largest log was 24" across the stump cut and 10 foot long. No problem going up hill in high gear! Several pix in phone but can't make them work on here :(