Looking for anybody with 1948 Cubs

Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:30 pm

Lately it seems we have had a lot of new members with 1948 Cubs joining the forum. It’s been awhile since I updated the trimmed dash database so I figured now would be a good time.

If any of you have a 1948 Cub between serial numbers 38221 and 40406 please let me know if it is a regular long eared dash or if it is a trimmed dash. We currently have located about thirty Cubs between these numbers and they all have the trimmed dash. Also, if you have a Cub outside this serial number range with a trimmed dash that info is useful also.

If your numbers have already been entered you need not respond.

If you wish not to post your serial number here you can PM it to me and I will add it to the database.

Here is a pic for those of you who have never seen a trimmed dash.

For more info on the trimmed dash check out http://www.savethecub.com/dash.htm