Howard De-Speeder Questions

Mon May 13, 2013 8:46 am

Found a cub with a De-speeder but it's missing the original handle and all the brackets to space over for the drawbar and brake. Along time ago somebody was making the brackets do they still reproduce them? Does anyone make the handles?

Re: Howard De-Speeder Questions

Mon May 13, 2013 8:59 am

Rick Prentiss made mine, but I do not think he is doing any work at that type presently. I can get some closeup pictures of mine if you want to see about getting some made at a local fabrication shop. The drawbar extension brackets he made are much better than the originals, implements are easier to change. Do not forget the seal plate that goes between the despeeder and the final, was it there? Here is a link to pictures I already have posted of mine. ... 20Reducer/

He made both a front and a rear bracket so I did not have to move the bracket when changing implements.