excited about 48 cub

Tue May 28, 2013 2:37 am

so last week i went to hattiesburg ms and picked up my great uncle's 48 cub which had sat 13 years since he passed. got it, the engine at the time was incredibly stuck, it nearly twisted the hand crank in two! but i let it soak all last week in wd40 and rocked the engine in 3rd gear today and low and behold she broke loose within a minute. i was pleasantly surprized cause ive read about how long its taken some peoples engines to break free. one thing about it though is if you crank it so much it will spit out wd40 through the exhaust pipe. does that mean it has some stuck open valves or what? i know atleast one has been open because wd40 leaked through the carboraetor. im just exstatic, i cant wait to have a running tractor not only for myself but for the legacy of my aunt and uncle which owned it long before i had. i believe he bought it right after ww2 which he served in. i also think the front ear was broken at some point it looks like a thick well done weld right in front of the starter does anyone still make one of those protectors for the cracked ear? hahah just thought i would share some of my progress i truely appreciate all the valueable information within this website

Re: excited about 48 cub

Tue May 28, 2013 3:16 am

Good luck on the family Cub. I'm only 50 miles or so north of Hattiesburg. A couple of the valves probably are stuck, but just because wd40 came out of the carb doesn't necessarily mean they're stuck. More than likely an intake valve was on it's in up stroke. Easy to pull the tappet cover behind the manifold/carb and check. Only 2 bolts. Pull it and have someone crank the motor over as you watch the valves. I'd try everything I could before pulling the head. Could open up a can of worms. First thing I would do is use something other than wd40. It isn't a penetrating lube, regardless of how many people use it as such. Some guys like PB Blaster, others Kroil. I use a product called Hilco Lube. I have never used anything that comes even close to it's effectiveness, but it is more of an industrial product. Only place I have seen it for sale is on the internet. Never in a store. I hope you put some new plugs, lube and battery and it fires right up for you!

Re: excited about 48 cub

Tue May 28, 2013 5:35 am

Congrats on the 48 cub. Before you try to start it, try to determine why it was stuck. Was it shed kept. Was the exhaust covered. Does it have water in the oil. I would change the oil and filter, look for water, and prefer to do a compression check to see if rings or valves were stuck. If problem, may need to pull the head. Before starting, prime the oil pump. Best place I have found is the small hole just inside the filter compartment. While cranking with the hand crank, is there any unusual noise. Just check it out a little before starting to keep from adding any damage. Would also drain the fuel, clean the sediment bowl, and before driving change the transmission fluid especially if it sat outside, will likely have water in it. Be sure its got water above the fins and good luck and enjoy it.

Re: excited about 48 cub

Tue May 28, 2013 5:07 pm

i do like kroil i just had a gallon jug of wd40 laying around. i believe the engine was stuck because it sat for so long and the humidity flash rusted the cylinder walls it was halfway parked under a shed only the rearend wasnt covered. it also had a u pipe for a rain cap there was plenty of oil in the block and no signs of water or coolant in oil it doesnt seem to make any unusual sounds when it is turned over by the hand crank. i cant wait to have it running oh and thanks for the advice