Re: war cub

Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:30 am

Mike in Louisiana wrote:Every now and then i would like to put some bullet holes in my cub, but then i would have to fix it.

:lol: Funny Mike! I know the feeling.

I have an IHC M1 Garand that was built the same year as my Cub. That's about the closest link to guns and Cubs I can get.

Re: war cub

Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:04 am

Shaganipatrol - No need to drag this out any further, but I found this paragraph on the internet which I thought might be of interest to you (probably not so much for others on this forum). It's from a sermon given in a Connecticut church in 2004. The hospital you refer to must be this one. Have a good summer and good luck with your Cub! Al D

In our archives there is a photograph, taken just around that time, of a young people's group, and in the back row is a girl named Theresa Buck, daughter of Charles and Eunice Buck. Theresa, or "Teddy" as she was called, must have felt the mission spirit of this church-she may have even witnessed the Robinsons' commissioning-because after graduating from Bates College and completing her nursing training, she began her career as a medical missionary in what was then Southern Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe. She spent the rest of her life building up a hospital in Africa that now bears her name, the Sister Buck Hospital in Mt. Selinda. We have fascinating letters she wrote to us, the congregation, about her work and faith, and an absolutely inspiring and gripping account of the last days of her life, written by her mother. Teddy had health problems for years before her death in 1962, and at one point came home to the States for medical treatment for what turned out to be cancer, but she refused to stay here. Her mother wrote, "In spite of suggestions that a less strenuous life might be wise, she returned to the Mission with renewed enthusiasm and consecration, saying, "Africa is my home, her people my people, there will I live and work as long as I can, be it five years or twenty; there will I die and there will I be buried."