Grandad's 56

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Grandad's 56

Postby Biscuit » Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:30 am

The story behind this 1956 isn't a whole lot different than a lot of the others I've read. This was my Grandad's Cub he purchased around 1970 after buying a 132 acre farm in Stillwater, OH. The Cub gave way to newer and bigger tractors and after Grandad got sick, it was left in the back of the barn. My good friend Fish would coordinate his leave with mine so we could work on the farm once a year and get the Cub running. His appreciation for its nostalgia made me appreciate Grandad's Cub even more (now Fish owns a '50 Cub)and after buying some land in SC, my mom had it trailered to SC for me to use. The winter of 2011 I began tearing it down for a clutch and brakes, and decided to go ahead and paint it. I painted it last summer (2012) and replaced anything that still looked like 1956. I use the sickle bar on it at least once a week for mowing my pasture and pond bank. It's the only thing I've ever painted, and it isn't showroom to be sure, but I think Grandad would be proud to drive it. The biggest reason for posting this is to say thanks to everyone on this forum that selflessly donates their wealth of knowledge. Although life has got in the way of being active on this forum, the information and encouragement passed on to us less experienced is much appreciated.
Grandad would be proud
DSC00272.JPG (94.45 KiB) Viewed 400 times
DSC00267.JPG (97.93 KiB) Viewed 400 times
Before the resto
DSCF0927.JPG (54.66 KiB) Viewed 400 times
40 yrs old
DSCF0385.JPG (50.17 KiB) Viewed 400 times
5 yrs old
untitled.jpg (16.19 KiB) Viewed 400 times
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby randallc » Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:36 am

It looks like you did a great job. Congratulation on taking care of your grandpa's stuff. As a grandpa, I know he would appreciate it.
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby pickerandsinger » Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:41 am

Nice...The way it should be...Taken care of and used....
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby RaymondDurban » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:43 am

Very nice! Definitely something to be proud of!
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby pharmerphil3 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:07 am

Great job, and story! :{_}: I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it. :D
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Hengy » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:15 am

Nice rework!!!

Do you still have the fast hitch that is in the "old" picture? You'll love that addition to your cub if you do!!

Mike (Happy as a Lark in Allison Park, PA)
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Rudi » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:17 am

Very nice paint job, very nice indeed. The Cub is a pretty one both before and more so after. And as Randall said, "as a Pepere, I know your GrandDad would be proud" and proud that you have kept his Cub and refreshed it as well. Congrats :applause: on a job well done :D
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Stanton » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:39 am

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it with us. You did a fine job painting it; looks very nice in the pictures. I really like those 11 bar front grilles... :D
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Dusti Snider » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:02 pm

Great job, Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby bythepond88 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:09 pm

Great job on the fixup, and thank you for sharing the story. You're grandfather would be pleased as punch, I'm sure. Family cubs are the best.
Michael Cummings
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Dennis » Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:00 pm

I just checked my online dictionary for the word "tribute" and it redirected me to your Cub. What a wonderful thing you have done for your grandfathers memory.

Well done!
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby Jack » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:33 pm

thanks for sharing, you did a fine job on the cub, and made grandpa proud
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby PVF1799 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:28 pm

Nicely done - you should be proud of your effort.
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby dgrapes59 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:34 pm

Congratulations, great story with the family history, now it will we enjoyed for generations to come as well.

Looks great, thanks for sharing,
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Re: Grandad's 56

Postby scotlem » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:49 pm

Very nice. Looks just like my Pepere's 55 cub in the older pictures
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