Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:09 pm

Lol Thanks Eugene but Im not about to go into engine I bring to my house to check..No way am I going into his engine but I got the ok from him to start it...That's like playing with dynamite..After its lit are you going to throw it or hold it lol I appreciate your help but Was not my intentions on rebuilding his cub..If mine another story...Did take off the rotor button and it has plastic gear and some of the teeth are worn off The gear in the mad still looks good... This guy is the type that whatever I spend its like a donation so don't think Im going to put money in another mans tractor. all I will spend on it is the amount of the work he is doing for me..I thank each and every one of you for your help but like I said Im not paying to fix someone else tractor .Would you? If you guys still want to lead me in the right direction Ill listen but Im limited to what I can do..I would like to be able to get it running for him but not at my expense. Its a nice tractor and I know that it will go to scrap yard if I don't help You just have to know the guy..He wants it to run like a new one and not put money in it..Im sorry.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:37 pm

LOL. Laughing out Loud. Not funny. Why ruin a supposedly rebuilt engine? That's a statement rather than a question. I would offer your friend or employee just above junk price for the tractor, then disassemble the engine to correct problems not taken care of during the rebuild.

Well, all I can say is that we have provided two locations to check for lack of oil pressure that will take a small bit of time, no money. Apparently not checked.

Again, my guess is the allen plug under the cam gear. Again, that is mostly time related to check and repair.

Since neither of you want to spend the time or money to correct a problem with a completely rebuilt engine - oh well.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:51 pm

Im not going to get into an argument over a tractor..Im not going to spend my time tearing his tractor down either..Ill bring it to you and you can do whatever you want with it and once you spend your time and money on it he will say Well I didn't mean for you to do that.I don't know how I can pay you.Do you want some tomatoes?
My time is valuable Eugene and cant be put to use on other things.Like I said trying to keep a tractor from going to scrap yard.The man says he spent 2300 dollars to buy and rebuild..His call not mine...Sorry to have bothered you. I told him to get me a price but he said no you will get it fixed.. Sorry to take up ALL YOUR GUYS TIME that's A GOOD WELCOME TO THIS FORUM

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:34 pm


You are not taking up time ... what we are having here is a tiny communication problem.

This is what I get out of all this:

  • It is not your Cub, it belongs to a friend/neighbour and you are trying to help him out. That is good.
  • First problem is that you do not see oil pressure on the gauge. Ok .. that isn't a problem either. You have been given good advise on that ... a couple ways actually. Let's assume for a minute that all is ok with the galley plugs. Then probably the oil gauge is faulty. Easy fix that. Check the oil pressure with a known good oil gauge. If that isn't the problem/doesn't solve the problem then probably Eugene has the answer. What this entails is a little bit of work and judging from your commentary you can handle this. You and only you can decide if this is the route you want to go.
  • Seems that there are some ignition problems as well. We can help you with that also. Seems like you may have to show this guy that there is stuff wrong.
  • I understand that you don't want to put money into it. If money is required... simply explain the situation to the guy and he can decide what he wants to give you to get parts. Most of us have been in a situation like that before.. I know I have and I still am but it is what I like to call a Work In Progress :D

I have a feeling that is about as far as I can go with this at the moment. Am I close :?:

We do not try to upset anyone ... ever. Sometimes miscommunication can arise, but with a bit of patience and some work we can usually resolve that and in the interim help solve the problem. We would like to try, we just need a little help too.

Let us know what we can do.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:40 pm

Rudi You are exactly right. This guy had the tractor rebuilt two years ago and said the man owed him a favor. .You got to know this guy. He has been trying to get me to work on it for two years. Ive put him off .I build pullers from cub garden tractors. The owner of the farmall is lazy and will ONLY work when he needs something. He gives everyone the sob story.. He can sharpen saw blades and carbide tip stump grinder teeth.
Now do I believe he gave 1600 for tractor and spent 750 for a rebuild. The answer is No He has hoodoo someone out of it. I told a guy that he could sharpen his grinder teeth. The Farmall guy called me twice week before last wanting to know when I would work on tractor..I went to his house Monday to get tractor..I had to get it on my trailer with a very very little push from him.
I ask why he didn't make the man that rebuilt engine to see why it didn't have oil pressure. He told me he pee him off by trying to charge me for doing it..said I gave him a compressor for hids work. So now you see where Im coming from.
He wants it running .I offered to buy it last Monday because I knew it would require spending time and money on it..Its a nice tractor. I called him wed of this week and told him I had checked all four places that you guys recommended on outside of block for oil . I told him that the gauge was not the right one..He said well maybe you can find a cheap one.
I told him that engine was two quarts over full and by reading on here there was suspect of losing hydraulic fluid. I check reservoir and none there. The clutch isn't working right.Its out of adjustment..I told him he needs to spend a little to get it going..He stated to me that I would get it fixed sometime.
He told me he installed the clutch and To and pressure plate new...I looked in hole and its new. The cub is this mans biggest asset.
He cant and doesn't have the funds to fix tractor.
Ive offered to buy it again Wed and told him to give me a price..You will get it he says Work on it some more.
Im too nice to turn people down. I like to see the old tractors up and going. Money for me to fix it isn't my problem. Right now I can show you pics of it and you would be wanting to buy it.
Ive cleaned out the tranny from all the water and white milky mud and washed and cleaned tractor..I told him it needs a gauge to try to see if it will have oil pressure. You can find one he says. Now Ive found the problem with rotor button..Thats 58 more dollars.
He is the one that wanted me to start tractor..I told him it had oil but no pressure..
If I could have bought tractor before starting I would have..I just cant go into tractor and looking at mains and things when the gauge should be changed first. Right now Im looking at buying a gauge and rotor button in order to check it out,,,Will I get money from him to do this . NO will I do it and consider that Ive tried to save a tractor Yes
Now you see why Im reluctant to do much yet I love a challenge in trying to fix a problem. Sorry for the long story but you now know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says.
How did I get in this mess. By being Human and trying to help a person in need..Did I want to work on this tractor now. No I have three pullers in my shop that im building and my time could be used there. Will the guy appreciate it if I get it going.Probably only til he needs money and sells it AFTER I get it going..Thanks again for your help

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:57 pm

Herbie. Understand your position. Eugene.

Edit: I have worked on neighbor's Cub and other equipment. I have always received parts money and taken no money for labor. In return, neighbors have helped me out with equipment and labor.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:06 pm

Thanks Eugene and I didn't really want to put what I wrote but it needed to be seen where Im coming from. I would buy the tractor tonight if he was reasonable and I would gladly make it proud to be a part of my herd. Ive got 20 cubs and two old deeres and wheel horse so theres room for another.Thanks man

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:09 pm


Ok... so what we need to do now is kinda suck back and reload. Come at this from a slightly different perspective.

herbiegrizz wrote: I told him that engine was two quarts over full and by reading on here there was suspect of losing hydraulic fluid. I check reservoir and none there.

That needs to be checked out. Hydraulic pump at front of engine will probably need to be rebuilt simple job. How To Rebuild a Touch Control Pump Who knows maybe the parts are in the oil pan .. :shock: In which case when you pull that pump, you will be able to check the allen plug. That is a positive.

herbiegrizz wrote:The clutch isn't working right.Its out of adjustment..

That is a simple fix .. How To Adjust Clutch Fingers :idea:

We have How To's to help out a lot - Cub Book of Knowledge

Trying to help neighbours sometimes can be a real headwringer. Feels like you got your head stuck in Mom's old wringer on the washing machine ... :roll: But for the most part it usually comes back to those who help. I certainly can't tell you what to do, all we can do is try and help you do this without spending any coin.

If you do decide to dig into this Cub some more.. let us know what you find. Personally I would take off the hydraulic pump check to see if it was rebuilt properly. If the pump isn't installed correctly or things is missing -- drop the oil pan. It these two things check out as not up to snuff ... then the rest of Eugene's diagnostic suggestions will have to be followed. The decision then is if you or someone else invests the time and energy. That is a call only you can make.

I hope this helps some.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:51 am

I don't envy your position. I doubt if this is a factor, but it is easy. At the lower right front of the block there is a large hex- I don't remember the size but around 15/16". There is a spring inside and a cup that is the oil pressure relief valve. You may want to check to see if they are in there. The cup can be sticky- sometimes a wooden dowel is needed to catch the ID to pull it out- but all you need to do is make sure it is there. My money is on the plug missing behind the cam gear. More than one newbie has come to the forum with no oil pressure after a rebuild and this has been the culprit. It is a lot of work and you need the correct puller for the crank pulley or you will break it. Did I say I don't envy your position?


Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:46 am

Thanks for all the positive comments. Just between a rock and hard spot. I did that already Bob..Had to take out the Bolster bolt then removed the hex head ..Had a spring and took my small magnet and stuck in hole and out come the cup..I can slide cup in and out easily.. I tried to get the guy to come by to show him all the things Ive found wrong but he said Ill trust you know what you doing so Im going to see wht some parts are going to cost ME and see if I can get it going..Thanks

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:09 am

Fellow is in bad shape if the Cub is his biggest asset, now I like tractors as much as the next guy but if I was to lazy to fix them myself and could not pay to have it fixed and worried the %$#@ out of a good neighbor like you to fix it for free with his money--------well you get the picture. I was a lot like you a few years ago and would do anything to see one from going to the scrap yard some folks you just can not help. This guy might not have the funds to fix it but he has the guile to take advatage of people who are his friends but he is not their friend.

Just a thought return the tractor to him and keep the memory as payment of your work so far, it will pay long after the real money he should pay you would be gone

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:46 am

That's true REXXON Going to call him today..Several questions in mind..Did it ever have oil pressure? Did they split the tractor or just pull head and pan and work on it that way? When did he install clutch and pressure plate..? In looking at tractor.did he take the hydro lines off and never refill the reservoir or leave something out. I found under the tool box this morning a plastic box filled with water with the original distributor and looks like tractor supply rotor for points dist, so that tells me something wasn't right.
Im going to tell him Ill fix tractor and not charge for labor but ill keep up with all things I buy and until MY BILL is settled the tractor stays here or Ill load it up and take it home...All I can do I will offer to buy it again...You are right You are his best friend when HE wants something otherwise all I hear is how sorry he is...How he came up on this tractor beats me. He spends his time reloading shells for people to skeet shoot in completion..He travels to places to compete..He is about 50ish and has a son about 20s and they competed in a tournament with old man winning 300 out of 300 compared to 299 out of 300 for son ..He said this. I cant verify it

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:01 am

rexxon wrote:Just a thought return the tractor to him and keep the memory as payment of your work so far, it will pay long after the real money he should pay you would be gone

You would be far better off if you stopped right now. If you lose him as a friend, I doubt you will have lost much.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:44 am

Barnyard wrote:You would be far better off if you stopped right now.
I agree with Bill.

Another alternative is to send the tractor owner a certified letter, identifying the tractor, listing proposed work on tractor, and stating that the tractor will remain on your property until paid for in full. Include your recollection of the verbal agreement for work on the tractor - if any.

Since you have a business, include a work order on business letter head for signature and to be returned.

On line research abandoned property law for your state. Depending on state law, might be advisable to inform the tractor owner of the law and that if the tractor is not removed within the time frame stated in the law or the work order signed and returned, you will be keeping the tractor.

I hate being a bad A"", but you have to protect yourself.

Re: Farmall cub oil pressure

Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:01 pm

Called the guy this morning.I ask him if he ever had oil pressure on this engine,,Lol Now he says : well I traded around for the tractor and it was stuck from rain getting in it. No my cousin said he would do me a favor and work on the engine.
I asked him if they split it or tried to do a patch job and he said nope They took it in half,,My cousin did all the work to engine and I put a clutch and flywheel and new bearing in it...When they got it back together they started it and shut it down because no oil pressure..Told me I needed a gauge so I went and got one..The old one is in the old white truck parked in the yard..I said I need that gauge. Did they put new cam bearings and everything..He said 750 dollars worth he better have.Lol
I asked do you want to sell it, I believe we may have to go back into engine.I told him that rotor button was bad and its 58 dollars and he said well let me know what you need. I NEED A PRICE ON TRACTOR lol
So my assumption was right that he doesn't have the kind of money in tractor that he said to begin with..Ill bet money the cousin never got paid for his work..He keeps saying its 750 dollar job but gave him a 350 dollar compressor..The cousin must not can add either because that's not a good swap..
Oh well Im in a better mood after talking to him so Ill play with it some more...Ive already moved it beside my shop into a fenced in area under lock...Update as the situation develops Thanks guys