Re: Weeping from cylinder head

Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:19 pm


Sourcing from the US or Canada may not be the only viable method. As you know there are/were lots of Cubs in France -- so there must be boneyards or parts Cubs all over the continent that might have a donor head available. Suggest you search the local forums there . I know Yaume and a few others are on a couple of forums in France and there are a number of Cub owners on those forums. They might be able to help you and keep the shipping costs down. I do know how expensive it is to ship out of the US. That is why a lot of my parts I pick up when I goes statestide. Much cheaper than the postal route.

Re: Weeping from cylinder head

Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:38 pm

Bars leak does some good, but if you have nothing to lose, go to your local GM dealer (Vauxhall) and get the GM seal tabs in the parts department (about £3). Crush a couple of those into the top tank and run the tractor normally for a few hours. If it's still leaking, then consider the replace head method.
The head on my '65 loboy has been braze repaired more than once, and still seeps a little, but the GM seal tabs have all but stopped the seeping.
I know all you old timers insist on the head gasket sealers - and I have a mechanic that swears by them, but I've only put them on dry, straight out of the box, and have yet to have one leak....

Re: Weeping from cylinder head

Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:45 pm

Thanks for the advice ntrenn (and of course all the others) - an interesting suggestion that I will investigate.
An International parts dealer in UK can supply a new head for £218 plus 20% local tax which equates to about $409 - so when I see them available refurbished at $125 or new at $180 Stateside it is a bitter pill to swallow.
Anyway there is a big show at Scone Palace in Scotland early September featuring Farmall so there might be a few people over from Southern Ireland with interesting bits and bobs. The Cub was imported to Southern Ireland but I am told never officially to UK - so she is quite a rare sight within these shores.
I'll keep you up-dated on progress.