Re: farmall cub vs. sub compacts

Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:58 pm

One more thought, it all comes down to how fast you want to get the job done too. The Cub will do many jobs that a new compact will do, it will just take a little longer.

As mentioned in an earlier post, all of my dad's tractors after 1967 are Deere. He is a small farmer and has never traded a tractor in. Anyway I spend a lot more time going to the Deere dealer than the IH dealer unfortunately. The other day they had a TINY little sub compact tractor by the dealer's door, LITERALLY parked on the sidewalk! I would estimate no more than 25 HP. It had a CAB!! When my dad bought the 2940 in '82 it was big news because Deere had started putting the Sound-Gard body on 2940's that year--the smallest tractor in the line with a cab. The 2940 is 80 HP by the way. I remember 2-3 years later they started putting them on 2350s---a 50 HP tractor. It was their smallest cab tractor. "Creature comforts" have come a long way!!

PS His 2940 was open station but it does have a canopy on the roll bar. IIRC he said a Sound-Gard body would have added about $6,000 to the price. I would bet that little compact was close--and probably more--than the 2940 was in '82.....