IH Cub Year made.

Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:02 pm

I just inherited a "Cub" with these numbers on the engine block ( 4 19 Q), which my research shows to be made on April, 19th, 1947. By the way, I am a novice about mechanics. My first of many questions is that the tractors is yellow and beige in color, but is red everywhere the paint was worn. The hood and tank looks a lot newer than the rest of the tractor, the exhaust comes through the hood as well. When I researched the age tables online the "Q" year only came up in 1947, the first year made, and was skipped when the numbers started over. Could this tractor be newer than 1947? I am still cleaning the serial number plate for more identification. It has been in my family for years 25+/-. My dad who is 88 cannot remember the details about a lot of it. He is confusing it with other Cubs we had in the past. I plan to do a ground up restoration.

Re: IH Cub Year made.

Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:06 pm

G'day to you Wayne and congrats :applause: on your new to you "inherited" Cub. These are the most special .. not because of the year or anything, but simply because they are family Cubs and have a strong connection to past and present keepers :D

To answer you primary question, it would be yes anything is possible. Your Cub might actually be newer with a replaced engine block or .. the hood and grille may have been replaiced. Is there a Engine Serial Number. - check here - Identiy Your Tractor - or a Serial Number of the Cub itself - see the front bolster. Also, check the casting #'s for the other major castings to see if they match the Q date code.

Without a pic it is pretty difficult to say either way, ... so a pic would be nice.

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Re: IH Cub Year made.

Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:04 pm

Could this tractor be newer than 1947?
Perhaps. You will need to check all of the casting codes as well as the serial number plate. Dating a Cub is sometimes problematic in that parts are interchangeable. Example. My Cub has a 1948 serial number, but - but. The tractor was assembled at some time in the past from parts, cast code dated 1947 to 1955.