Rear Rockshaft and PTO Pulley Interference

Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:10 pm

I went to test fit my newly found rear rockshaft assembly this afternoon. I was a little remorsed to remove the cover over the PTO pulley, but it would clearly interfere with the rockshaft. Well when I set the rockshaft down on the transmission housing, it became clear that the rockshaft bracket also hits the PTO pulley. The PTO pulley for my C-2 mower is 7 3/4" in diameter. Is this the standard pulley size?

In these pictures, I have the rockshaft plate raised about 1/2" on some spacers. I could notch out the rear of the rockshaft plate a little bit and it would clear the pulley. Does anyone else use their rockshaft in a raised position like this? Am I missing something there, or are the rockshaft and the PTO pulley mutually exclusive and can't be used together?


Re: Rear Rockshaft and PTO Pulley Interference

Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:51 pm

with the standard rockshaft there is no problem, but yours appears to be a modified hand lift, and from personal experience I have found there to be a problem with clearance for the 8 inch pulley. The ones I have dealt with I solved by putting some spacers under the rockshaft, and also removing a little bit of metal from it.