differences in the 194 plow beam

Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:39 am

Here are my finding on the 194 plow beam, as shown in photos. The 1F194 is about two lbs heavier than the L194, on the bathroom scale, Kind of hard to weight so it could be plus or minus. the 1F194 beam is longer and the 1F194 does not have a sharp of a twist on the beam as the beam on the L194 but the 1F194 is not perfectly straight.

The one one the right is the L194


Re: differences in the 194 plow beam

Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:56 pm

I can see right off the bat that the curve or arch on the 1F194 is less pronounced as it rounds down to where the plow attaches which instantly clears up any questions I had about the angle. You can see that 1F194 you would start off with more of a down angle than with the Cub L-194 which is the exact problem I was having when using the L-194 on a Super A. On a cub it was fine but on the super a it was maxed out and that was barely enough by the time the plow hit the ground. In semi compact dirt it would skid up and ride across the top instead of sucking in but when I used it on sod I was able to turn it over. This is a really good post because I had wondered about this even before I had the Super A.